7 Typical Reasons Why Your Split Ends Won’t Go Away

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Nothing in your life is as adamant as split ends. You must have undergone uncountable trips to the salon and splurged money on hair spas, but they keep coming back. Split ends are the arch-enemy of your teenage years that carefully crept into your adult life. The damaged ends must have got you thinking, “where am I going wrong?’. Well, not everything we do in our day-to-day life aids the healthy growth of hair. Some of our regular habits often result in the fraying and thinning of hair. If you can’t point a finger at it, here are some common mistakes to avoid.

1. Incomplete Diet

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Let’s start from the root of the problem. No matter how many hair products and spa appointments you make, the foundation of your hair care begins with your diet. What you eat is what you become, and that goes for your hair too. So before you complain about your split ends, go back and think about the diet you have maintained all month long. Do we hear refined sugar and fast food? Our current lifestyle demands a lot of packaged food containing limited or no nutritional value, and the first signs of unhealthy eating are hair fall and frayed hair. To reverse it, your diet must include lots of leafy greens and vegetables with high doses of beta carotene. In addition, you can count on sweet potato, pumpkin, nuts, carrots, healthy fats, animal and plant proteins, coconut, cacao, and foods containing zinc, amino acids, and copper. Whatever you do, stay clear of refined food, sugar, and too much caffeine.

2. Lack Of Vitamins

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Now that you know what you should eat, a little extra nutritional push is always welcome. Getting the correct doses of vitamins through your food supplements does the trick of keeping your hair healthy and getting rid of split ends. Focus your attention on Vitamin B, zinc, manganese, copper, and selenium. Also, make sure you supplement your diet with fruits and vegetables that keep your health at its best and boost your hair follicles from within.

3. Rough Handling Of Hair

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We do not play in the mud anymore or have twigs attached to our hair, but we are as rowdy as ever when it comes to our hair. How often have you combed wet hair? Or rubbed it out with a towel til it tore right out of your scalp?! It is no rocket science that hair cannot take all that wrestling. It has to be treated with lots of care and love. For starters, keep it moisturized. Use a light conditioner after shampooing your hair, clean your scalp and cover it if you are exposed to pollution for long stretches. If you need to comb your hair after a shower, use a wide toothed comb that will gently detangle your hair while keeping it soft and smooth.

4. Staying Dehydrated Over Long Spells

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If you don’t have a habit of drinking up to eight glasses of water in a day, you might be signing up for some substantial health problems. Maintaining a healthy diet and keeping yourself hydrated at all times is a must for lush and healthy hair. Carry a water bottle with you always and set timers in your phone to take small water breaks every 15 minutes.

5. Using An Unlimited Number Of Hair Products

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Walking by the shelves full of hair products can be overwhelming, and resisting yourself from trying all out can be challenging. However, not every product is made ideally according to your hair needs. The more you experiment, the more you expose your hair to harmful chemicals. Make sure you stick to the brand that suits you and go for natural products only. Also, keep styling tools at bay as they omit a lot of heat that can take away your hair’s luster.

6. Smoking

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Chain smokers have often complained about fraying, lusterless hair. Smoking weakens your blood circulation, therefore your hair follicles get bared from getting any nutrition. People who smoke regularly also have a weaker immune system and have to depend on heavy medications that opposes healthy hair growth.

7. Stress

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It may be a hard pill to swallow, but nothing toys with your hair more than stress. It can do way worse to your hair than give you split ends. Most people who are subjected to long-term stress get bald spots and thin hair. The best and foolproof way to deal with stress and anxiety is to perform yoga and meditation regularly. There are excellent simple poses to try as a beginner. Some asanas help improve your blood circulation and activate your dormant hair follicles to enhance your hair growth.

So this is the list of things you should do to keep your hair free of split ends and gorgeous. Anyone can flaunt beautiful hair; all you need to do is give it some love and care!

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