13 Reasons You Should Never Get A Tattoo

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People get tattoos for their own reasons – some get them to show their passion towards art, some get them as a memorial, and so on. Some people get them just because they look pretty.

Tattoos have become quite common in recent years, and whether to get inked or not is quite a common topic of debate between my friends. Trust me, I’m not at all an anti-tattoo person, but here is a list of reasons why you should never get a tattoo.

1. The pain is really dreadful.

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Life is already painful enough, why to make it more painful by getting a tattoo?

2. Not all tattoos are cute.

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The artwork is always beautiful and interesting, but not everything is supposed to be jotted down on the skin. Some designs may look terrible on your body.

3. You’ll regret it when you grow older.

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You may be excited about something now, and so excited that you want to get inked. But who knows, after a few years, or even months, that you might not feel the same anymore. And that’s when you’ll start regretting getting that tattoo.

4. Finding a corporate job becomes difficult for you.

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A visible tattoo is not acceptable in most of the corporate organizations, and this prevents you from getting your dream job.

5. Your skin is just perfect. You need not mess around with your beautiful skin.

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It can ruin your body and skin, and all you’re left with is SCABS!

6. They are permanent.

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Tattoos are forever! Totally forever that can be erased only with the help of a laser. And erasing is more expensive than actually getting a tattoo, and comes along with a number of side effects.

7. They look worse when they start fading away.

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It doesn’t seem as dark and as attractive after few years.

8. It becomes hard to get an epidural if you have a tattoo on your spine.

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The side effects include blood poisoning and other related health issues.

9. Tattoos have become very common these days.

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Look around. Almost eighty percent of your friends might have got inked by now. Why do things that everyone does?  Let people know that you are unique.

10. Plain bodies look much more appealing and sexy than art painted over them.

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Your body is a temple, and you need not get such painful decorations over it.

11. Tattoo are too unsubtle.

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And tacky too (sometimes)!

12. If you follow a particular mantra in your life, getting jotted down is not the only way to follow it.

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It is perfectly ok if you jot it down in your diary or memorize it rather than getting it inked over your body. It’s like you’re more interested in showing it to others than following it.

13. Your grandma says it right – “Why do you have a Chinese symbol on your body when you don’t know Chinese?”

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Makes sense, right?

Do you agree with my reasons on why not to get inked? Share your views in the comments box below.

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