7 Reasons Your Jewelry Might Not Be Looking Its Best

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Not all of us can afford to wear princess-cut diamonds from Tiffany’s, can we? So we do, what anyone with an average income, supporting multiple needs such as, rent, utilities, and food (the thing we need for survival) does. We scour the depths of flea markets and try our best to score all the possible designer looks on a budget.

While it is comparatively easier to score outfits that work well as the first-hand imitations of designer labels, it’s a big task to find imitations of designer jewelry that do the job well.Often, these accessories photograph well, but let you down on a closer look. But fear not, for we have compiled a list of giveaways that will help you understand why your favorite piece of accessory looks not-so-great, and what can be done to prevent that from happening. Read on to know more.

1. It Might Not Be Age-Appropriate

 It’s Not Really Age-Appropriate
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No, we are not furthering an ageist argument here. But you have to agree, there is a time to wear cute, charm bracelets, and butterfly necklaces and your 20s are not it. If you want to look like the sophisticated and stylish adult, that we know you are, then try to avoid these whimsical pieces of jewelry. But if you really wanna wear unicorns or hearts once in a while, you shouldn’t care about how fancy they look and should just go for it!

2. It May Not Suit Your Sense Of Style

It’s Too Bohemian — A Few Beads On A String
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Beaded necklaces not only look inexpensive, but they also look like they have been made at home or bought for the dozen at a flea market. So, why should you spend your hard-earned money on something like that? Unless you have certain sentimental value attached to them, we don’t see why they need a space in your style closet. If you really have your heart set on something like that, then we suggest you go for a necklace that uses beads as embellishments. Also, instead of going for plastic beads, go for pearls, it will make you look more polished and sophisticated. And another important point to keep in mind while wearing such accessories is your OOTD.

3. The Enamel Work Is Not Neat

The Enamel Work Is Not Clean
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Enamel work, if done in the right manner can really add value to a piece of jewelry. However, this is only when it is done in the right manner with a crisp finish to it, especially where the enamel meets the metal. Clumsy work, with other inaccuracies, only degrades the look of the piece. So if you are going for a jewelry piece with enamel work, look for one which has a better finish to it.

4. The Metal Is Too Shiny

The Metal Is Too Shiny
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All that glitters is not Gold. And in this case, we really mean it. Real gold and other precious metals have a dull shine to them. Even when they are polished they carry a glint which is quite different from the one sported by inexpensive alloys.

Inevitably, jewelry which is made from these alloys gives it away. Therefore, if you are in the market for something that looks like the real thing, but doesn’t cost as much, we would suggest you go for something that has an antique look. Go for something that has a darker metal, it will add weight to the piece, making it look more realistic.

5. Its Construction Is Flimsy

Its Construction Is Flimsy
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One of the true hallmarks of good jewelry is its craftsmanship. Jewelry made from heavy metals such as gold or platinum is always provided with clasps and hooks, that support its weight. On the other hand, imitations often lack this feature. Besides this, the size of the jewelry piece should be supported by its weight as it dictates how falls on your body. If you wear a huge statement necklace that moves with the slightest movement of your body, it’s going to be quite obvious that it’s an imitation piece. So when buying artificial jewelry, make sure that the piece is close to the real thing in terms of its weight as well as finish.

6. The Gemstones Are Obvious Fakes

The Gemstones Are Obvious Fakes
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If you want a rather bejeweled piece, our advice is to go for clear crystals, instead of the opaque plastic ones that are commonly found. In case, you want something that makes use of colored gemstones, buy something that uses semi-precious or non-precious gemstones. Simulation gemstones look pretty good even though they are not real and can be easily passed off as real gemstones with the right kind of base. Cubic Zirconia makes for a very realistic looking diamond as well as the material imitates the precious gemstone almost perfectly. A well-polished piece of granite or quartz is any-day better than those plastic crystals.

7. The Statement Jewelry Is Sending All The Wrong Signals

The Statement Jewelry Is Sending All The Wrong Signals
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A common fashion myth is that a big statement necklace can be used to jazz up any boring outfit. But at the end of the day, it is just that a myth. A big statement necklace does draw attention to itself but the not the right kind. If you are going for a more, sophisticated look, we suggest you go for something that’s a little less busy. A simple choker or layered necklace would be a better bet.

So, folks next time you want to stock up your jewelry box, keep these tips in mind. It will make you look like a million dollars, in just a few dimes.

If you have any other tips that can help us build up our accessory game, please share them with us in the comments section.

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