6 Relationships That Are Ruining Your Marriage

6 Relationships That Are Ruining Your Marriage Hyderabd040-395603080 January 25, 2019

As if sulking over silly things and fighting over trivial stuff weren’t enough, there is something else that can potentially ruin a happy relationship with your spouse. Sometimes relationships like the ones you share with your other family members, neighbors, and friends can pose a considerable threat to the bond that you share with your partner. While some relationships are just familial or friendly in nature, a few others might have romantic overtones. Quite without your awareness, these relationships are doing you more harm than good. Here is a list of relationships that tend to get the better of your rapport with your spouse.

1. The Proverbial M-I-L

1. The Proverbial M-I-L Pinit

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 The moms-in-law can’t NOT top this list. It has become quite a quintessential ritual for moms-in-law to create a rift between you and your partner. Your husband’s mother plays the role of an arch rival of yours than a docile mother-in-law. If you can figure out that the cause of her childish and territorial behavior is her love for her son, there are chances you have a sane marriage. Otherwise, forget it! On the other side of the coin, husbands, if you find your mother-in-law nagging and cribbing about not looking after her daughter well, forgive her. They consider this their right. Save yourselves from the mess and stop allowing your M-I-Ls from spoiling your marriage.

2. Workspace Partner

2. Workspace Partner Pinit

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Having a “work wife” or an “office husband” sounds too exciting when you read it in bestselling romantic novels. Stop that excitement there, or you are in for more trouble than you can handle. Having special affinity towards a person of the opposite sex is quite natural particularly when you spend long hours together. If you don’t confine this relationship to just the office, it is surely going to drive your partner berserk. Also, when your partner senses even an iota of sexual attraction between you and your co-worker, it is going to destroy the very basis of trust and respect. Don’t cross the line if you consider your marriage more important.

3. A Thing With Your Boss

3. A Thing With Your Boss Pinit

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Your workplace looks like a ground teeming with possible rivals constantly attacking your personal life. If it is not the co-worker, it could be your boss. Though the relationship is between two different hierarchies, this too is quite natural. Having a fling with a boss of the opposite sex works more like a social status for both the boss and the employee, and this can sometimes carry things too far. While it is primal and instinctual to get drawn to the opposite gender, more so, when that person holds some authority over you, keep a check on this relationship. After all, a thing of momentary joy shouldn’t be ruining your marriage. Remember, you vowed, “until death do us part?”

4. The All-knowing Shrink

4. The All-knowing Shrink Pinit

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It is a big blow to your partner’s ego to digest the fact that some other person knows so much about you than her. Though discussing your childhood, personal, and intimate lives with your psychologist or the social therapist is a part of the technical therapeutic alliance, it is not objectively so for your partner. If your husband’s shrink knows more about YOUR better half, it is okay! Trust me you wouldn’t wanna know anything about his disoriented muddled mind. You would rather allow the shrink to know the unnecessary details of your spouse’s history and chemistry than knowing them all and driving yourself nuts.

5. His “Amicable” Ex!

5. His “amicable” ex! Pinit

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It’s an awful thought to be friends with your ex specifically when your partner is not comfortable with it. Psychologists say that there is an emotional crisis when you continue to be friends with your ex. You still depend on them for emotional support which might sometimes rekindle the physical attraction that you once shared with them. You gotta take a stance before the friendship with your ex, takes a toll on your happy marriage. Sometimes, you can’t have the cake and eat it too.

6. Your Sister From Another Mister

6. Your sister from another mister Pinit

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As long as you restrict this cheesy tag line to your captions on Instagram, your life will be harmonious. The day you bring that sister home, you are asking for trouble. You might end up becoming envious if your husband is equally friendly with your soul friend. Boys, you are no exception to this. You can’t get your “brother from another mother” home and expect your wife to lock herself up in a room until your bromance is over. Your BFFs can actually destroy your marriage, and if you don’t know where to stop and how to prioritize, this is going to become like an invitation to the lull before the ugly storm!

Women, be it your “wusband” or just a  random celebrity crush, if you see your husband ranting about it, that is the cue. Nipping that in the bud can save you the disaster of ruining your marriage. Likewise, if you find your wife upset about your friendship with your ex or maybe even that silly phantasmal playmate who makes an appearance in your bedroom conversations, don’t go overboard. Make your marriage more of a congenial camaraderie than just bundles of jealousies living under one roof.

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