Renee Sen Reveals The Life Lessons She Has Learned From Her Mother, Sushmita Sen

by Niharika Nayak

Actress Sushmita Sen’s daughter, Renee Sen, recently made her acting debut in the short film, Suttabaazi. The young starlet has taken a shine to acting and has decided to step into the limelight, just like her stunning mother before her. Due to this, she has had a massive increase in her fan following, and many are excited to see what she has in store for them. Recently, Renee decided to host an “Ask Me Anything” on her Instagram handle and share her life experiences with the world. She opened up about everything from her skincare routine and relationship status to the wonderful life lessons her mother has taught her. Here’s what Renee revealed to the world:

Staying Grounded

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For the uninitiated, Bollywood diva and former Miss Universe, Sushmita Sen, made headlines across the country when she decided to adopt a baby girl at the ripe young age of 24. Sushmita has always been open about the fact that she had always wanted to be a mother. While she chose to raise her daughter as a single mother, many had a lot to say about the actress’s decision. Sushmita, however, decided to ignore the wagging tongues and do as she pleased. In 2010, Sushmita added a new addition to her family and welcomed her second daughter, Alisah Sen, into her home.

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On the 23rd of May, Renee hosted the “Ask Me Anything” session and answered plenty of interesting questions about her life. When asked about what she had learned from her mother, Renee spoke about how she had learned to stay grounded and be consistent with her work. She also spoke about how her mother insisted that she work very hard as well. Renee was also quizzed about her uncle, Rajeev Sen, and his wife Charu Asopa, who are expecting their first child together. Renee stated that she was extremely excited at the news that her “Mama” is going to become a father.

Her Personal Life

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Just like her mother, Sushmita, Renee prefers keeping her private life private. Many fans wanted to find out about her relationship status and whether she is currently single or not. Renee spoke about how her main focus is presently her work life and that she does not have the time to get into a relationship. Other fans asked about her exes and past relationships, but Renee said she didn’t see a point in talking about her past. Someone asked Renee about her future relationship plans in another question, and Renee joked that she would need a time-traveling machine to answer that question.

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When asked about how she maintains her glowing complexion, Renee revealed that her biggest secret to amazing skin is keeping herself hydrated. She also added that she eats plenty of green vegetables and that too helps her maintain her complexion. She also revealed that she is a massive fan of natural and DIY skincare and said she used aloe vera ingredients to soothe her skin. When asked if she would prefer to work in movies or TV shows, Renee stated that she would like to explore whichever medium best suited her.

Sushmita’s First Love

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Sushmita has always been outspoken about how her older daughter Renee was her first love. She has shared plenty of childhood photos of herself and Renee when they were younger and spoken about how Renee helped her grow up. Sushmita has also joked that despite Renee being 24 years her junior, she feels like she was always the child in their mother daughter-relationship. Sushmita had once written a loving ode to Renee on the occasion of her 20th birthday and shared it on her Instagram page. She said that Renee was the first person ever to call her “Maa” and that it was a long and tough labor before Renee was born from Sushmita’s heart. She added that those twenty years they had spent growing together had been quite the journey and that she can’t wait for even more exciting adventures. She ended the note by saying that both she and Alisah loved Renee like crazy and that Renee is Sushmita’s destiny.

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During an event, Sushmita had spoken about the beautiful bond she shared with both her adopted daughters. She said that the mother and baby are connected via the umbilical cord during a natural birth, but she believes that through adoption, the mother and child are connected through a higher power. Sushmita added that the bond shared between them is a connection that can’t be cut off. She spoke about how she was privileged enough to get to experience these connections and bonds, not once, but twice. According to Sushmita, the joy of motherhood was the best feeling she had ever experienced in her life.

Sushmita’s beautiful bond with her wonderful daughters is just proof that blood is not always the only thing that unites a family. Despite facing so many hardships in adopting Renee as a single mother, Sushmita persevered and got to have the family she had always dreamed of having. Are you excited to see what Renee Sen has in store for us? Let us know all of your thoughts in the comment section below!

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