The Right Way To Shave Your Bikini Line

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We all are aware of the fact that waxing is the quickest way to get rid of unwanted hair, and it also delays the process of hair growth as compared to shaving. But, not all of us have the courage to bear the pain of getting waxed down there. Luckily, we have shaving as an alternative to clean our lady parts, which causes no pain at all!

So, are you craving for a smooth bikini line? These shaving tips might help you out!

1. Prep The Area.

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If you haven’t shaved for a while or even if it is your first time, a pre-shave prep is an important step that you must not skip. Trim the pubic hair either with a scissor or a trimmer. Doing this will help you go easy on the razor. One important tip that you must never forget is soaking the skin for a while. This makes the hair removal game easier, and it also prevents razor burns.

Thus, the best time to shave your bikini line is at the end of the shower.

2. Apply A Shaving Cream.

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Use a good quality shaving cream that contains moisturizing ingredients. Once you’re done with prepping up the skin, apply a fair amount of shaving cream so that the razor just glides over the skin.

Apply a thin layer of gel so that you’ll be able to see the shaft and skin underneath.

3. Invest In A Good Razor.

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Using a razor with too many blades might be harsh on your skin. Thus, select a razor with a maximum of two blades for the bikini area.

Also, do not use a razor for too long. Try to change the razor every 4th time you shave. You can opt for disposable razors as they’re meant to be used only for a month and not more than that.

4. Shave Carefully.

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Do not go too fast or too slow while you shave because the way you shave your bikini line is also very important. For example, if you shave against the hair growth pattern, the razor will nick the follicle, leaving red bumps behind.

While shaving, keep the blade downwards and do not apply much pressure; go smoothly over it.

5. Rinse Immediately.

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As soon as you’re done with the entire area, rinse it off with cold water and hold a cold compress for 5-10 minutes over it. This will prevent irritation and redness.

6. Apply Moisturizer.

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Since the bikini area is very sensitive, it is important to take optimum care of the skin. Apply a hydrating, unscented, and an alcohol-free moisturizer on the shaved portion to lock the moisture in and reduce further irritation.

And yes, once you’re done, do not forget to clean and sanitize the razor. If you find even a small portion of rust over the blades, just toss it in the garbage and buy a new one.

While shaving is the cheapest option to get rid of pubic hair, doing it the right way is also very important. We hope these tips help you to shave off the hair down there.

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