14 Shocking Royal Etiquettes That Even The Queen Can’t Break!

Written by Indrani Karmakar

Did you know that Queen Elizabeth II is the longest-reigning monarch in the history of the British Empire? Being a Queen is a lot of responsibility, but it also comes with its fun perks! For example, the Queen doesn’t need a driving license or passport; she can celebrate two birthdays, and also own an ATM machine! So who wants to wake up as a Queen now?! However, all that glitters is not gold, and there are some rigid rules that are beyond any monarch’s power to modify. Curious to know them? Go through the list to know all the laws that bind even the highest-ranked society members, including the Queen!

1. There Should Be More Than 6 Ravens At The Tower of London

There Should Be More Than 6 Ravens At The Tower of London


“If the ravens leave the Tower, the kingdom will fall….” Talk about being superstitious, but this is a rule that has been followed by the British since 1987, and they take good care of the birds. They even have names! Say Hi to Harris, Poppy, Rocky, Jubilee, Gripp, Erin, and Merlina if you ever visit the castle!

2. Royals Cannot Be Touched By Non-Royals

Royals Cannot Be Touched By Non-Royals


Royals don’t let physical contact happen between them and non-royals. So drop your idea of hugging the Queen right now! However, if they give out their hand for you to shake, you can shake their hand. (Lucky you).

3. Royals Cannot Vote

Royals Cannot Vote


The royal family cannot cast their vote since their choice may unjustly affect public opinion. Instead, they stay ahead of controversies by working with the ruling party and ensuring that politics runs smoothly.

4. They Are Barred From Holding Political Office

They Are Barred From Holding Political Office


No one from a royal background can be granted even the tiniest authority to influence public opinion or utilize that position for personal benefit. This is done to ensure the smooth running of the kingdom without any interference from internal corruption.

5. They Cannot Eat Seafood

They Cannot Eat Seafood


Rather than a requirement, this is more of a precaution. Royals, including the Queen, avoid eating shellfish and other forms of seafood altogether to avoid allergies. As for Prince Charles, he’ll happily slurp down a mollusk!

6. Seating Arrangements Must Be Maintained In Proper Sequence

Seating Arrangements Must Be Maintained In Proper Sequence


In processions, the order of precedence is strictly enforced. If a royal wedding occurs, the royal family must arrive in rank order, with the Queen (or current monarch) leading the way.

7. Royals Cannot Be Roman Catholics

Royals Cannot Be Roman Catholics


Even though this statute was amended in 2011 to remove the restriction on the royal family marrying a Roman Catholic, the royals themselves must stay faithful to the Church of England.

8. They Must Dress According To The Rules

The refined and beautiful dress sense of royalty is supposed to set trends. As a result, their clothes must be clear in their statement, modest but trendy.

9. No Fur Can Be Worn By Them

No Fur Can Be Worn By Them


Even in medieval times, when Edward III ordered that no one, not even members of the royal family, might wear fur, the rest of the world followed his lead. However, there were occasions when the Queen was seen in fur. Let’s just pray it was faux fur!

10. They Have To Be Together For Christmas

Royal family members celebrate Christmas together every year, as is tradition. But on the other hand, Catherine spent Christmas with her own family instead of doing it with her royal family. That didn’t sit well with the Queen, according to rumors.

11. One Cannot Eat After The Queen Has Finished Eating

They are not allowed to eat after the Queen has finished her meal. Let’s just pray the Queen is a slow eater. Otherwise, no one will ever get to the dessert! This is done for every meal and even when dining with her family.

12. Royals Cannot Play Monopoly

Royals Cannot Play Monopoly


This was first hinted at by Prince Andrew, the Duke of York. At a public appearance, he was given a property trading game. He then admitted that they were not allowed to play it as it would instill vicious nature among the children. So if the Royals were your friend, you would have to pick another board game to entertain yourself!

13. They Must Be Courteous When Receiving Presents

All royal family members must accept presents with grace, no matter what their nature. However, since all presents are the property of the Crown, it is up to the Queen to determine who gets to keep which one.

14. They Are Unable To Travel Together

Direct heirs are not allowed to travel great distances together, which made sense at a time when traveling posed numerous dangers. However, now that it’s safer and more pleasant to travel in groups, royals are more likely to do so.

No matter what kind of ruling system a country abides by, they have rules that bind them all. It helps to maintain law and order and maintain good relations with other countries. So, which of these rules surprised you the most? Let us know in the comments section!

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