Rub This Oil On Your Stretch Marks And They Will Disappear In 30 Days

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Motherhood is a wonderful experience that adds so much joy and happiness in our lives. But motherhood also brings in a lot of changes when it comes to your physical appearance. Weight gain, hormonal issues, soreness and stretch marks are some of the common side effects that are easily perceptible and can make a woman very conscious of her looks.

There are three main reasons why one could get stretch marks. Firstly, stretch marks occur whenever there is a considerable weight loss or gain. And it can happen with or without pregnancy. The second reason could be hormonal imbalances, and such hormone-induced marks are commonly found in adolescent kids. The third reason why there can be stretch marks in your body could be the depleted amount of collagen that is responsible for maintaining elasticity and suppleness of your skin. Many a time, strong pills, lotions and medications containing corticosteroid or other such harsh chemicals affect the quality of the skin.

The areas of the skin that are most affected by the stretch marks are the arms, breasts, stomach, buttocks, and thighs. Sometimes they can be so embarrassing that you may not feel confident enough to wear dresses that expose those areas. So do we have to live with them all our lives? Can there be a way they could be reduced or removed?

Given below are some of the ways by which you can erase your stretch marks to a great extent. Read on to find out more about it.

Using Castor Oil

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Benefits: Castor oil is an excellent source of ricinoleic acid, that is a triglyceride. It is a type of fatty acid that increases the elasticity of the skin. It moisturizes and provides essential nourishment to the skin, thereby preventing aging or acne related issues.

Usage: Take a piece of cotton ball. Put some castor oil on it and dab the cotton ball gently over the stretch marks and then massage it for some time, till all the oil is absorbed by the skin. Do this about twice daily, and you can see a lot of difference in just a month.

Using Coconut Oil

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Benefits: Coconut oil is an excellent natural cleanser having superior hydrating qualities. It can be used as a regular moisturizer. It enhances the collagen activity in the skin and makes it softer, more supple and firm. Therefore, it has great healing properties to counter the effects of those ugly stretch marks.

Usage: Warm a little coconut oil. It is even better if you take cold pressed virgin coconut oil that retains maximum nutrients. Now, rub it gently between the two palms. This will activate its moisturizing properties and help it to seep deep inside the surface of the skin. Follow this regimen two times each day and you will find a noticeable difference in just a few weeks. In fact, some people also suggest mixing coconut oil and castor oil in equal parts and applying it over the affected area to see better results.

Using Vitamin E Oil/Cream

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Benefits:  Vitamin E oil is known to naturally revitalize the skin due to its nourishing properties. It conditions the skin to the core and improves its tonal value and elasticity. It also reduces redness and itchiness to a great extent. It can be used both in the oil form and in the form of creams. It can also be taken in the capsule form. The skin grows more regenerated and nourished. It is recommended that all pregnant women use the oil regularly, and not wait for the marks to appear.

Usage: Take a cotton ball and pour some amount of Vitamin E oil on it. Gently rub it over the stretch marks and keep on massaging till it is absorbed by the skin. It will take about 2-3 weeks, and your skin will look more nourished and less rough and wrinkly. Use it at least two times every day.

These were some cool tips that you can use to reduce your stretch marks. They might not disappear totally, because it is almost impossible to eliminate them completely without cosmetic procedures. However, by regularly using these oils, you will definitely find a big change in the area bearing the stretch marks. The best thing about these remedies is that they are completely organic and natural way of healing the stressed skin. You might buy expensive creams or lotions, but these oils are as good as those cosmetics, maybe even better, since they do not contain the added chemicals and preservatives. What more, they start showing effect within a few weeks of use. Therefore, these home remedies are definitely worth trying. But only local application might not be enough. Along with the external application, you also have to eat nutritious food and essential fats that improve the skin and increases its elasticity and firmness.

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