14 Rules British Royal Children Follow That Prove Being A Royal Isn’t Always Fun

Written by Niharika Nayak

You may think that being a royal family member would be great fun as you are spoiled with riches and the apple of everyone’s eyes. However, while this may be a reality for royal kids, they also have to follow a whole load of other rules that might seem unreasonable to some, but is a reality for them. From the youngest of the Windsor grandkids to the older ones, here is a list of rules that all royal children must follow if they are a part of the British monarchy. So without further ado, we present to you a list of fifteen rules that every royal child in the British royal family must follow:

1. Princesses Must Curtsy To The Queen

According to British royal protocol, all women in the royal family must perform a curtsy when they see the Queen for the first time on a given day. Princess Charlotte made an adorable display a few Christmases ago when she performed the cutest curtsy for the Queen.

2. They Have To Have A Passport Right After They Are Born



While it is quite rare for a regular newborn baby to travel abroad, this is not the case for royal babies. Royal babies are expected to travel abroad with their parents at the drop of a hat and hence have to have a passport issued as soon as they set foot into the world.

3. They Have To Get A Drivers License

Every single one of the members of the Royal Family, except for the Queen, has to receive a driver’s license. The Queen is the one person in the entirety of the UK who can drive a car without needing a driver’s license, so even her future heir, George, has to take a driver’s license test when he is of age.

4. They Have To Go Etiquette Training

All royal children need to attend classes for etiquette training once they are old enough to be sitting at a table. They are taught how to eat formal meals, go to events, dress appropriately, and even bow and curtsy. This ensures that they are presentable and at their best at every public event.

5. They Have To Join Their Parents On Royal Tours

There is no minimum age for when royal children need to go traveling with their parents. Archie, the son of Prince Harry and Megan Markle, had to join his parents on their tour of South Africa at just four months of age.

6. Two Heirs Cannot Travel Together Unless The Queen Gives Permission

There is a rule that no two heirs of the Queen who are in the line of succession must travel on a plane together. This is only allowed if the Queen has granted permission for them to travel together.

7. They Have To Greet The Public With A Wave

If you’ve ever seen the British royals wave in public, you may have noticed that it is very different from how others wave. This unique wave is referred to as the “Windsor Wave” and is usually the fallback of the royal family when they are at public appearances. Even Princess Charlotte has perfected the art of the royal wave at her ripe young age.

8. Boys Have To Wear Shorts

As is expected, many fashion choices are restricted to the royal children. One of the strangest ones we’ve heard is that young boys are only allowed to wear shorts when they are in public. This rule was put into place because it was believed that young boys who wore trousers were considered middle class and not nobility during the olden days.

9. They Don’t Eat Baby Food

If you’re thinking that Royal children have to eat the regular canned baby food that you ate as a child, you’d be mistaken. The royals have a kitchen full of private chefs, and it was revealed in the past that some of the first meals Prince William and Harry ate were steamed apples and pears.

10. They Avoid Eating Shellfish

In the entire royal family, if one food is avoided, it’s shellfish. Children are not allowed to eat shellfish at all as it is a significant cause of food poisoning in many individuals.

11. They Must Stay Neutral

Every royal family member is expected to be neutral regarding cultural and political affairs. They are also not allowed to vote or run for any official roles. In 2019, Prince George was photographed wearing an England Lioness jersey, and this raised quite a stir as royal critics accused him of showing partiality to one UK soccer team over the others.

12. Monopoly Is Not Allowed In The Royal Household



This is another rule that we just cannot wrap our heads around. No royal family member is allowed to play the game Monopoly in the palace as they had become overly competitive when they played it in the past.

13. They Can’t Wear Black During Daytime Events

As with most people who follow Christianity, Black is a color of mourning and hence avoided by members of the royal family (at least during daytime events). The only exception to this rule happened when Prince George wore a black military suit when he was a page boy at his uncle Harry’s wedding.

14. They Need To Always Keep A Black Outfit On Hand

Members of the royal family are expected to travel with a black outfit at all times. This is because they shouldn’t be caught off guard if a member of their family dies unexpectedly. Queen Elizabeth was the one who put this royal protocol into place after she lost her father while on a trip to Africa. She didn’t have a black outfit with her and had to wait till someone delivered the outfit to her plane.

And there you have it, a list of all the rigorous royal rules and protocols that every young member of the royal family needs to follow. Now that you’ve read all of them, which royal protocol do you think you could never abide by? Tell us in the comments below!

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