Stylists Recommend 9 Rules To Keep Hair Clean And Voluminous For Longer

by Asra Shaheen

Did you know healthy hair is a sign of a fit body and overall wellbeing? When you have glowing and voluminous hair, it means that you are enjoying the pink of health. Every individual has a different hair type and we must learn to care for and treat our tresses accordingly. For instance, some prefer to wash their hair every day, whereas others do it once a week. Hair experts believe what is equally important to know is how to wash your locks.

Let’s try out this simple test in the first place to find out the health of your locks. Are you ready? Pluck out a strand of hair and put it in a glass filled with water. Wait and watch. If the strand floats, congratulations! You have healthy hair. If the strand sinks, it’s a wakeup call for you. Well, don’t tear your hair out (pun intended). It’s time to understand your hair type and treat your tresses with care and nourishment.

Following the right techniques of hair washing and styling can go a long way in making your locks the talk of the town. So, read on to discover 9 such essential haircare tips recommended by stylists!

1. Temperature Of Water


Not many people pay enough attention to the temperature of water when they wash their hair. Especially in winters, you may feel the urge to take a warm water bath but do refrain from doing so, at least when you are washing your hair. Hot water will open the cuticles of your hair, whereas cold water seals the cuticles, keeping them shiny and healthy. However, if you have oily hair, you must take a lukewarm shower.

2. Shampoo Type

You need to choose a shampoo that nourishes your hair type. Don’t be tempted into buying a family pack, thinking “one shampoo suits all.” There’s a shampoo for every hair type. Dry hair needs gentle care, whereas greasy hair needs an oil-control wash. For dyed hair, deep cleansing helps in keeping the locks bright and glowing.

3. How To Apply Shampoo


Before you apply shampoo to your hair, dampen it well with water. Take very little shampoo at a time. Begin with the size of a coin. Yes! You aren’t washing clothes, after all. It’s your hair and it needs to be treated with care. Now apply it to the scalp in a circular motion.

4. Rinse Well

You should, in fact, be spending more time rinsing the hair rather than applying shampoo. It is extremely important that no residue remains in your hair because this can make it look dull. The dried residue could even cause dandruff. Always rinse your hair well after shampooing.

5. Lock The Moisture


Seal the moisture with a good conditioner, whenever possible. Make it a point to give it a cold wash rinse at the end of your shower routine. This also helps in locking the moisture.

6. Washing Frequency

“Washing your hair daily keeps it healthy” – Is this a fact or a myth? Well, it’s totally a myth and let’s bust it. By washing your hair daily, you may be doing more harm than good to your locks. Your washing schedule should actually depend on your hair type and the weather conditions. Once a week is sufficient for dry hair, but oily hair requires more frequent cleansing. Winter is the time when you may want to minimise the number of washes per week. You don’t want your hair to lose its natural oils. On the other hand, summers and humid weather conditions necessitate frequent washing.

The age factor is another important criterion. With time, the functioning of our sebaceous glands declines and, hence, there is no need for daily washing.

7. Pre-Workout Routine


‘Follow this pre-workout routine, especially if you have oily hair: Make it a practice to use dry shampoo before you go for intense workouts. This helps in absorbing the sweat when you are exerting yourself. Using it after a workout is not at all effective.

8. Plan Your Hairstyle

Instead of sporting the same hairstyle at a stretch for a week, keep alternating with different styles. How about a high bun on Monday, hair left open on Tuesday, and a loose ponytail on Wednesday? Also, to make your hair look voluminous, tie your hair into a bun at home and leave it open when you go out. This trick really works!

9. Change The Pillow Covers Regularly


When you reach the fag end of the day, all you want to do is sleep well. But pay good attention to your pillow covers because the health of your hair depends on their condition. Change them at least twice a week to keep them bacteria-free. Additionally, satin pillow covers are a great choice, especially if you have dry hair. Satin retains the moisture instead of absorbing it.

So now, the next time you flip through fashion magazines, you won’t simply envy the model for her long and voluminous tresses because you will be proud of your own beautiful hair. Stay gorgeous!

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