Trendy Things It’s Time To Say Good-Bye To

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Change is inevitable and this applies to the fashion world too. No matter how viral and even revolutionary a trend becomes, it is eventually going to fade off. These trends may come back alive from their graves after decades but that’s a whole new story that you can read about in our previous article. As of now, you will have to say goodbye to your favorite fashion elements because it has been around for a while.

This decade has seen many fashion trends literally “trending” and thanks to social media platforms like Instagram for making them so popular. The obsession with thick eyebrows and nude makeup are things that we got to know through social media more than any fashion show or movie. However, now it’s time to bid farewell to most of these elements because they are nearing the sunset of their fame. Let’s take a look at some of these fashion trends that have been extremely popular in the past few years but are soon going to disappear.

Metal Strapped Watches

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“And now their watch has ended!” Metal strapped watches were a huge thing this decade. People said goodbye to their funky rubber and leather strap watches and whole-heartedly switched to the metallic ones that looked more elegant and simple. Well, the next-gen trend is going to be all about natural makeup and accessories that are extra. So, it’s pretty much clear that colorful and leathery watches with dials of intrinsic pattern are going to reign soon.

Instagram Eyebrows

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Thick and well-brushed eyebrows are every woman’s dream today— or maybe until today. These overly bushy, airbrushed-like eyebrows are too much to take already and women are switching to lighter eyebrow makeup now. The new eyebrow trend that’s possibly going to replace “Instagram eyebrows” is the naturally thick and straight one. While the current trend demands women’s eyebrows to be arc-shaped, the next one is going to be all about slightly bent, almost straight eyebrows.

Sunglasses With Crystals

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Sunglasses with crystals were a muse for some people until a few months ago but they are almost at the verge of extinction today. They no longer look chica and glamorous but only tacky and cheap. The sunglass features that you’ll have to look for this fashion season will be the shapes of the frames and the shades of the glasses.

Long-Sharp Nails

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Nails were something that people gave too much importance to in the last decade. Nail studios and manicurists would have earned enough for a lifetime in the past few years. We saw celebrities like Bella Hadid and Blake Lively wear long nails to the Met Gala last year but that’s probably the only place we’re going to see extra long nails in the future. Women are opting for shorter and simpler manicures that don’t require too much maintenance.

Heavy Nail Art

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Nail art is a concept that became extraordinarily popular in the 2010s. We agree that they are really pretty and provide a very wide scope when it came to different designs. However, that ship has sailed. In 2019, you’d see very few people spending their time and money on these nail art designs. At some level, they were always ridiculously expensive and uncomfortable to wear but people couldn’t just get over how pretty they are. Well, now the very same people are almost over these “heavy” nails

Pajama Style Clothing

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Sweatshirts with dog ears are cute but they aren’t going to last long. The “cute” way of dressing that showcased tinny bunnies and emojis on clothes and accessories probably originated in countries like South Korea and China. This trend spread like a wildfire through online shopping websites and became a global trend soon. However, it’s not going to last since we are moving towards a whole other fashion era (like always).

No Accessories Style

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Accessories are the only things that are swimming against the waves of the upcoming trend. While clothing and makeup are all going to be much simpler when compared to the trends so far, accessories are going to be the key highlights. Huge neckpieces, bracelets, and earrings are all going to trend this season.


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Chokers rose to popularity faster than internet sensation Priya Varrier. From college girls to supermodels, everyone started wearing chokers of different colors and patterns this decade. Even though these accessories crawled their way back from the dead, it’s time to send them back again. Don’t worry if you’re a choker lover because they may come back after a few years.

Shoulder Cut-out Tops

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How many shoulder cut-out tops and dresses do you have in your closet? Let’s admit that we all bought many of these last year when they were at the peak of their fame. Now, shoulder cut-outs are almost dead and we can’t even see anyone wearing them. It’s over people, cover up the shoulders now!

No matter how amazing something looks on you and how trendy it becomes, it’s not going to last. But hey! There are better things coming your way and get ready to be in style. What was your favorite fashion trend of the last decade? Which one are you looking forward to nailing the next season? Let us know in the comments below.

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