10 Secret Tricks That Help Celebrities Look Flawless On The Red Carpet

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Celebrities worldwide appear to have the perfect skin and hair as they pose on the red carpet. However, by now, you know that following a good skin and hair care routine alone won’t do the trick to making you look perfect. So, to let the cat out of the bag, here in this article, we have collected some celebrity secrets to nailing all red carpet events like a pro. Read on to know them all.

1. Tooth Brushes To Keep The Flyaway In Check

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On the red carpet, A-listers always have a smooth and flawless hairdo that leaves no stray hairs visible. This is all thanks to a toothbrush doused in hairspray to ensure that even the wildest of fringes remain put. This will prevent the rest of your baby hair from being disrupted and will keep your hair intact even if you decide to leave it open.

2. They Use Adhesive Bra Patches To Alleviate Foot Discomfort

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To make your footwear feel cozier, you can utilize bust patches to cushion your feet instead of inserts, which may be too bulky for your sandals. The patches protect against chafing without being noticeable due to their sleek finish. Wish you had known this sooner!

3. Soap Is Used To Tame Wild Zips

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Whenever a celebrity encounters a stubborn zipper, they just wipe a dry soap bar on it to smooth out the teeth and make the zipper glide smoothly. You may avoid damaging the zipper by using soap as a lubricant before you try to zip it. The alternative to this is candle wax. However, it’s best to carry a soap or candle the same color as your dress to avoid unwanted stains on your clothing.

4. They Put On Scarfs To Avoid Makeup Smudges

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It is a challenge to put on makeup without getting your dress stained by it. A scarf around the neck is a standard accessory for A-listers who want to keep their necks covered while applying their makeup. Once the finishing touches have been made to their appearance, they may put it away and hit the red carpet in style.

5. They Use Hairspray To Eliminate Lipstick Stains

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The hairspray can be used for more than just keeping your hair in place; it can also be used to swiftly remove your nail paint stain or lipstick mark from your dress in a pinch. Bless the one who came up with this idea!

6. They Get Out Of Cars With Both Legs Together

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A star’s arrival at the venue might be awkward when she’s wearing a dress and can accidentally reveal more skin than she wants. Celebrities have mastered the art of maintaining their dazzling appearance by putting both legs out of the car at the same time. This helps them keep all ‘oops’ moments at bay.

7. They Wear Makeup On Ears

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The red carpet can bring out the worst in celebrities, especially their ears. As a result, their base makeup extends beyond the contours of their face, covering everything from the earlobes, hairline, and neck. That way, their skin tone won’t have noticeable differences.

8. They Whiten Their Teeth With Eyeshadow

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Human teeth are not supposed to be all white and bright, but celebrities have learned how to make them. They apply creamy white eye makeup on them to hold the color for some time. Thankfully it’s not permanent!

9. They Put Dry Shampoo On Their Neck

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Celebrities are humans, too, so they will sweat no matter how much they try. But it’s unlikely that you have caught footage of a celebrity drenched in sweat while appearing for an award show. This is all thanks to this little dry shampoo trick. Celebrities apply a small amount of dry shampoo to their hands and necks. This way, the hair won’t stick to the sweaty skin and will look dry and puffy even if they are actually perspiring. Men also employ this technique to keep dry at formal events, but they obviously spray it beneath their suits.

10. Deodorant Is Used To Make Shoes Fit Well

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Heels are always painful, but they make you look like a goddess. Wish there was a way to make them a little less prickly. Here it is! The interior of the shoes can be sprayed with deodorant if the heels are not the perfect fit and will loosen and give you blisters by the end of the day. It will break in the shoe so the foot can glide into it easily. Perfect, isn’t it?

It’s good to know that celebrities who walk on the red carpet have the same fear as we do regarding our bodies! Thanks to them for sharing their secrets, now we know how to nail an event without worrying about the lipstick stain or uncomfortable shoes. So, which among these tips will you try first? Let us know in the comments section. Keep it stylish!

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