6 Secrets To Smell Good All Day

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You must have seen numerous advertisements of deodorants and perfumes that promise to make people around you follow you like the mice did Pied Piper. Well, as you must have guessed, the chances of that happening are next to never. But that doesn’t rule out that a pleasant smell positively affects people around you. Think about it, you will be more attracted to a person who smells fresh and pleasant than someone who hasn’t showered in ages. So here in this article are a few tips to ensure you always smell fresh as a daisy.

1. Keep Yourself Clean

Keep Yourself Clean
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This one is a no-brainer. Your personal cleanliness practices can significantly impact your body odor. You should shower every day or at least wash the areas of your body that become sweaty, like your armpits, groin, and buttocks. You can occasionally use a perfumed body wash to leave your skin smelling fresh. However, using aromatic products daily can dry your skin as it uses alcohol. So make sure you moisturize your skin well to prevent skin cracks.

2. Add Fragrance To Your Clothes

Add Fragrance To Your Clothes
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Keep your garments smelling nice by washing them frequently. You can also spray perfume on cotton balls and store them in the drawers to keep your clothes smelling fresh. To enhance the scent of your laundry, add 10–20 drops of your preferred essential oil while washing. Next, dissolve a tablespoon of baking soda in the laundry water. This method can make removing filth from your clothes easier.

3. Don’t Switch Between Products

Don't Switch Between Products
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Remember that while deodorant can prevent you from smelling terrible, antiperspirant will keep you from sweating. The application of antiperspirant at night, and not in the morning, is more effective. By doing so, the product will have more time to penetrate the skin’s pores and effectively combat odor and perspiration the next day. You should reapply your deodorant or antiperspirant if you start to sweat again. Keep an extra tube of deodorant in your bag, in the office, or wherever you can quickly reach when needed.

4. Proper Perfume Application Will Extend The Fragrance Wear Time

Proper Perfume Application Will Extend The Fragrance Wear Time
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To extend the life of your perfume, remember these tips:

  • After your hair is completely dry, spray some perfume onto your comb and brush it through your hair. To protect your hair’s roots and locks, avoid spraying this directly on your hair.
  • Scents are most effective when applied to the body’s pulse spots, including the wrists, behind the knees, elbows, crooks, and the neck. As your body heats up, the fragrance will escape naturally.
  • Select a roll-on bottle of your favorite fragrance. Then, instead of wasting perfume by spraying it all over, use a rollerball to apply it just where you want it.
  • If you’re using perfume, use it early in your grooming regimen, so it has time to dry before you leave the house. Allowing your perfume to dry will keep it from being blown off by the wind.
  • Avoid touching your skin after applying perfume to ensure the aroma has been absorbed. Your scent may vary as this motion alters the fragrance’s underlying elements. To avoid rubbing off your perfume, try carefully pressing your wrists together a few times after spraying it.
  • It’s best to use travel-sized perfume bottles to reapply throughout the day without diluting the scent. You can spritz some cloth with your preferred fragrance and store them in a plastic bag. The smell may be revived by dabbing a cotton ball on a pulsing spot.

5. Apply Scented Moisturizers Properly

Apply Scented Moisturizers Properly
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Choose a perfumed moisturizer whenever possible. To extend the duration of the aroma, apply on your dried skin after a shower. You may make your own scented lotion by combining a small amount of your preferred perfume with unscented lotion. This eliminates the hassle of trying to find complementary fragrances.

6. Don’t Forget About Your Feet

Don't Forget About Your Feet
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Always use antibacterial soap to clean your feet daily. After that, carefully examine the space between your toes to ensure total drying. Next, you may apply a shoe spray to keep your feet smelling fresh, especially in warm weather. This is instrumental advice to keep in mind when going sockless. The contact of your epidermis and the material of your shoes might cause foul foot odor even when feet don’t naturally produce scents.

Smelling good does more than just give you confidence. It makes you more appealing to the people surrounding you. So, what is your favorite fragrance to wear as a perfume? Let us know in the comments section!

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