7 Secrets Your Boyfriend Would Never Tell You

by Niharika Nayak

It’s no secret that men have a hard time relaying how they feel. They’ve been brought up in a society that mocks and shuns them from expressing themselves and tells them to ‘man up’ if they’re upset. So needless to say, they display the same reserved behavior even among partners and loved ones. Some men just have a rough time conveying their inner emotions and aren’t as open to dialogue. However, communication is a crucial element of any healthy relationship and should not be compromised. In these circumstances, one might have to dig a little bit deeper in order to see what’s on their partner’s mind. Here’s a list of secrets that most men have but are afraid to tell you for fear of you judging or leaving them:

1. He Really Does Want His Friends To Like You


Just as you like to run all your potential love interests through your best friends, so does your man. It is crucial to him that his best friends and you get along and gel well together. Of course, this doesn’t mean he should pressure you to bond with them or make you go out of your way to impress them in any way. It would mean the world to him if you tried your best to get along well with his friends, and he would love to show you off to them.

2. He Still Thinks About Other Women


Of course, this doesn’t give him the right to act on his attraction and cheat on you or obsessively flirt with other women. But just as you still check out men with your gal pals, he probably checks out attractive women too. It really doesn’t matter how serious the relationship is or how much in love with you he is. And there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s understandable for you to be a little insecure about it, as long as you don’t give him hell for it or try to control who he surrounds himself with.

3. He Has Lied To You In The Past


It’s no secret. People lie. And it’s only human nature for them to do so. Expecting your partner to be a 100% truthful is quite a high expectation, to be honest. And don’t deny that you haven’t told them a white lie or two in the past. He might hide away some facts to protect you from getting hurt, and while lying by omission might be just as bad as lying, it’s not the end of the world. However, if you catch your partner lying to you about something significant like losing his job or meeting up with his ex, then it’s your call on how you would want to react.

4. He Actually Does Like It When You Offer To Pay The Bill


Sure, he’ll make a big show and tell about paying on the first date or buying you ice cream but deep down he actually likes you paying. This means he sees you as being independent and doesn’t mind you paying the bill. In the end, for men, it’s the effort that counts, and even if he doesn’t ask you to pay the bill, he would appreciate it if you volunteered.

5. His Feelings Get Hurt Too


Sure, you like roasting him every now and then or making fun of that tiny gut he’s developing. He may laugh it off and appear calm, composed and casual on the outside but he’s actually feeling very insecure about this on the inside. There’s nothing that hurts a man’s ego more than making fun of his insecurities. Even if during an argument you say something offensive, he could get upset. Keep this in mind the next time you have a fallout.

6. He’s Not The Biggest Fan Of Your Contour


Sure, the Kardashians made Contouring look cool, but did you know that your man might not be the biggest fan of your makeup? Of course, this doesn’t mean you chuck your entire makeup bag out the window, but maybe try going a little bit lighter around him. While men say they like women who look au naturale, what they really mean is women who wear toned-down makeup.

7. They Want You To Be Straightforward


Your man wants you to be upfront and tell him exactly what’s on your mind. Men hate playing the guessing game (because they suck at it) and want you to tell them what you want, whether it’s a gift on Valentine’s Day or the type of pizza you want to order on a take-out night.

Men can be just as insecure and emotional as the rest of us, and it’s not right to hold it against them in any way. We’re only human, after all. Tell us your thoughts on this list. Would you like to add your own points? Men, do you agree with our list?

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Niharika Nayak

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