12 Secrets Your Gym Hides From You

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Did you ever see a giant gym hoarding on the road and immediately think of it as a sign from God asking you to get the gym membership? Well, now that the festive season has kicked in, we have gathered a nice big tire of belly fat that will accompany us till we work on our summer body. If you were planning on joining or rejoining the gym as your New Year resolution, we have something you might want to look into. We at Stylecraze made a list of things that gym employees do not reveal, but it does affect you in many ways. Read on to know them all!

1. Gym Employees Appreciate Your Absence

Gym Employees Appreciate Your Absence
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Yes, you read that right! You might be convinced by your gym trainer asking you to be regular, but in reality, your gym makes money by giving out membership to almost everyone, and they do not go by the number they can accommodate. It’s usually double the number of equipment. So if you happen to miss your training for a day, the gym employees couldn’t be happier!

2. They Display Cardio Equipment

They Display Cardio Equipment
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Cardio is comparatively the easier way to get fit, so no matter which gym you go to, you will see cardio equipment on display. Challenging equipment like weight benches and climbing machines are set behind so you don’t have second thoughts before signing up for the membership.

3. They Are Packed With Machines

They Are Packed With Machines
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The more equipment a gym needs, the more money the parent company makes. So the gym will always be packed with machines even if there is no need for them. And guess who eventually ends up paying for them? You!

4. The Yoga Mats Are Probably Filthy

The Yoga Mats Are Probably Filthy
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We know you were probably expecting to be sweaty and stinky at a gym, but to lie down on another person’s fatigue is another level of being filthy. Also, gyms are made with significantly less ventilation, which is where bacterias grow at their best. So the next time you plan on using a yoga mat rolled in the corner of the gym, don’t!

5. Your Gym Instructor Might Not Be Certified


Entrusting your fitness to someone else can be dangerous, especially when you sign in papers that say the instructor is not responsible for your injuries. Most trainers are not even certified, and even if you find one, they will be overly expensive.

6. Everyone Wants A Perfect Body


It’s obvious everyone who walks in a gym wants to be fit with the perfect muscles, but not everyone walks out with the dream body. While your gym instructor will assure you tighter and firmer muscles when you sign up, it is really in your hands to keep fit!

7. The Sauna Hardly Works


If you have signed up for a gym with a sauna, you should know it will not be at its prime for long. It is not entirely the gym’s fault, and it is often abused by the people who do not use it properly. The end result is it will not give you the bliss of sitting in a nice steamy room after exercising your muscles to the core.

8. Gym Gives Discounts To Fit People


Even though you would need the gym the most when you are overweight, for the gym employees, you are an asset only if you look fit. Seeing your workout will create an advertisement for the gym, and more people will be inspired to join the gym and look like you.

9. Gym Memberships Are Loss For You


Most gym memberships take six months of money from you at once. This works to your profit only if you are a regular. Most people attend the gym for 2-3 months, and then the excitement drops. This is when you come once a week and eventually stop, and the gym gets to keep all the money for free.

10. Most Trainers Use Synthetic Supplements


As harmful as tampering your body with synthetic supplements are, most trainers opt for them to look bulky and muscular. This is because you choose a trainer by how athletic and fit he looks rather than checking his experience and training certificate.

11. Gymming Calls For Proper Diet


Gymming and a protein-rich diet go hand in hand. We often feel thrusting our body with exercise will help us lose stubborn fat, but in reality, you will only lose your strength and tear your ligaments. Gymming needs proper protein supplements to build your muscles and balance out the wear and tear.

12. Do Not Eat Food That The Gym Sells


There might be juices and candies in your gym to boost instant energy in you while you work out, but these treats may not go well with your diet. They can irritate your empty stomach and make you feel nauseous. If you want, you can keep fruit to balance your sugar levels when you work out.

So now that you know what your gym actually stands for, you can take a wiser decision with your gym membership. Not all gyms are the same, and some trainers might be actually trained, but it is up to you to check before entrusting someone with your health completely. So, what is your take on maintaining fitness through gymming? Let us know in the comments below.

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