14 Shocking Rules Every British Royal Has To Live By

Written by Indrani Karmakar

Be honest when you answer this; did you ever wish to wake up as a royal highness? Yes, we are a generation who grew up romanticizing Cinderella and Snow White. The image of a gorgeous tiara, long trailed gown, an orb, and scepter in hand definitely feels like a fairytale. Even though the modern Royal families are different from ‘tales as old as time’, they are more than enough to create headlines worldwide. If you feel being a royal is your cup of tea, we would ask you to think again! Here are some of the bizarre Royal rules that will make you question why were they even made. Read on to know what the most shocking ones are!

1. Prince Philip Walks Behind Queen Elizabeth II

The royal rules dictate Her Majesty’s husband will follow her a few steps behind. Through the photographs, Queen Elizabeth II was always two steps ahead of her late husband, Prince Philip.

2. They Must Accept All Gifts Politely

How would you feel if someone gifted you something which was of no use to you at all? Well, you could gift it to the Royals because no matter how lame the gift is, they have to accept it generously! Also, it is upto the Queen to decide who gets to keep which gift.

3. Royals Can’t Just Propose Anyone

While you could ask anyone you love to marry you, it is not as simple for the royals. According to the Royal Marriages Act of 1772, the descendants of the royals must seek the monarch’s approval before proposing.

4. They Have A Strange Dress Code

Life without sweat pants is difficult; hence we resign from the thought of being a royal. Royals have to follow a strict dress code that makes them look prim and proper always. They also have their dresses designed a certain way, so it does not look clumsy or fly as ours do!

5. They Travel With Their Black Dresses.

The Royals are always prepared for everything, including an unplanned funeral! So in their travel bag, an all-black dress is always present, because, you never know!

6. Two Heirs Cannot Fly Together

In case of any unforeseen danger, two heirs of the British family are never allowed to travel together. Once Prince George is 12, he will fly separately from his father.

7. No Politics Allowed

Members of the Royal family are not allowed to cast a vote or attend to matters of political significance. They have a powerful monarchy but cannot decide who will be a part of the elective government.

8. PDA Is Frowned Upon

Well, it is no surprise that being in a Royal family, you have to keep your hands to yourself! That is because the whole world looks up to you, and not everyone minds their own business. This is why you will have to struggle to get a glimpse of the ‘real’ Royals being mushy outdoors.

9. The Queen Is Not Allowed To Sit On A Foreign Throne

One wouldn’t think a queen is allowed to do everything, but there are restrictions on her too! The Queen is not allowed to sit on any other throne other than hers, even if the throne is from the Seven Kingdoms.

10. You Stand When The Queen Stands

You might not know what to know when you meet the Queen, but it’s actually simple! You stand when she stands, and you sit when she sits! Simple, right?

11. They Leave The Table Without Notice

If a member of the royal family has to use the washroom, they do not announce it. They simply say excuse me, and that’s it! No questions are asked after that.

12. Tiaras Are Only Worn By Married Women

You might have loved wearing a tiara as a little girl, but there are some rigid rules about wearing one in the British family. You can only wear a tiara after you are married. So it might as well be, no ring, no tiara!

13. There Are No Autographs Or Selfies Allowed

It is very rare to find a selfie with a member of the Royal family, and only if you are really lucky and the prince or princess is too kind can you get one. So the safe side is to keep your selfie stick away.

14. Curtsies Are Encouraged

Curtsies Are Encouraged


While the Monarchy says there is no obligation to meet the Queen or members of the Royal Family, it is always encouraged to follow a small neck bow before the Queen.

So, now that you know the life of the British Prince and Princes is not a bed of roses, you will feel more empathy for them. Knowing more about them will help you appreciate them more. So which is the rule that got you thinking the most? Let us know in the comments below.

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