8 Shopping Tricks That Will Save You A Lot Of Money

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If you collect the receipts of all your purchases you’ve made this year, it forms a tiny book depicting why you are broke. Just kidding! But jokes aside, most of us are guilty of charting a shopping list and then buying products that are nowhere to be found on the list. Well, as harmless as this practice seems, if you calculate the price of all the items you purchased that you didn’t need, you will see how significant the amount turns out to be. And honestly, you could have done without the juicer, grills, and three-in-one toaster. Here in this article, we have a list of tricks to ensure you don’t indulge in more shopping than you need. Read on to know them all!

1. Carry Newly Printed Cash

Carry Newly Printed Cash
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A study found that people who carried new banknotes spent less money in their shopping (1). This is because people feel compelled to spend more money to rid themselves of old and potentially torn or withered notes. In contrast, when they get their hands on fresh banknotes, they tend to hold on to them for as long as possible.

2. Don’t Make Friends With The Staff

Don't Make Friends With The Staff
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When you go to a store, a sales associate usually greets you and offers to help you find what you need. They may provide you with more options since they want to do an excellent job. And you might want to purchase more than what you wanted. Further, you may feel obligated to make more purchases after receiving so much assistance and being shown so many options.

3. Don’t Push A Heavy Cart

Don't Push A Heavy Cart
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Try to picture yourself at a mall with thousands of merchandise. Taking a shopping cart in the store is a sensible decision if you purchase more items. But, unfortunately, it is also possible to spend more money than you intended or buy unnecessary items. So instead, get a smaller carrier, or just use your hands to carry the few things you need.

4. Put On Heels

Put On Heels
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Those who can walk in heels may want to wear them while shopping. According to research, shoppers will go for a mid-priced item rather than an expensive one because they are more concerned with maintaining their balance when wearing heels (2).

5. Don’t Use Cards

Don't Use Cards
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This may sound counterintuitive in the modern day, but studies have shown that using a credit card might lead to further spending (3). When you pull cash from your pocket, you can instantly see how much was taken. As an alternative, credit cards offer you the impression that you have more money than you actually have.

6. Chew White Mint Before Entering The Store

Chew White Mint Before Entering The Store
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Scents often entice customers into stores and encourage them to spend more money than planned. For instance, coffee sales have shown a rise in petrol stations that have amplified the aroma of brewing beans. Taking preventative measures like suckling on a lemon or chewing minty gum before heading out to the store will help you avoid falling for this scam. In addition, inhaling mint leaves might mask the aroma of a business, helping you reduce your purchasing.

7. Drink Water Before Going For Shopping

Drink Water Before Going For Shopping
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It has been observed that drinking water before shopping may help you spend less, but there is yet to be scientific research on this topic. However, it could be linked to the fact that water rejuvenates your organs, and hence you will be less inclined to do impulsive shopping and think clearly about what you need.

8. Choose The Busiest Market

Choose The Busiest Market
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Picture being in a packed supermarket, where you can touch the shoulders of the people behind you. You can’t see everything clearly because of this. This might lead you to make a purchase that you intend to make. However, if the shop is deserted, you have all the time on earth to aimlessly peruse the racks and try on clothes that don’t fit you before deciding to buy them. So, to save money the next time you buy, make it a point to go to a highly crowded store.

Whether shopping for groceries or just window shopping, you must focus on buying only what you absolutely need. The secret is to make a list and stay within it. So, what is your secret to ensuring maximum savings during shopping? Let us know in the comments section.

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