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The debate on which hair length is ideal for regular maintenance can never be settled. While some vouch for long hair, others say short hairstyles are better because there are fewer chances of split ends and they can be quickly assembled into cute hairstyles. If you are a fan of short hairstyles but can’t decide which haircut will suit your face, we are here to help you. Read on!

Oval Face

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You have an oval face if the length of your face exceeds the breadth of your face. It is easy to determine an oval face, and if you have one, here are some haircuts you can choose.

Short Bangs:

This cut is short and asymmetrical, with a dramatic fringe that is meant to form angles around the face. Bangs will make your face look rounder and more proportionate.

Bob With Bangs:

A hairstyle with layers of varying lengths, including bangs, is characteristic of the asymmetrical straight fringe hairstyle. The purpose of this style of haircut is to draw attention to the face by framing it with clean lines and drawing focus to the chin to minimize its width.


The medium length of the bob cuts the face down just enough while still framing it. Hair should be parted in the center and shoulder length.

Square Face

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If your face has the same length and breadth and appears to be sharper on the edges instead of rounder, you have a square face shape. Here are some haircuts you can choose for yourself.

Pixie Cut With Lengthy Bangs:

The roundness of the face is enhanced by this kind of cutting. There is a short back and sides with a lengthy, “feathery” fringe.

Side Swept Bangs:

This haircut comprises straight and shoulder-length hair, with the ends bent inward, and a fringe that runs down one side of the face and “breaks” the sharp angles of a face just a little bit.

Shaggy Bangs:

For hair with waves, this is the best option. It’s layered, so it lengthens the face and smoothes the jawline.

Round Face

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If you have a round face, along the same length and breadth as your face, the edges will appear round too. Here are some haircuts to choose from.


The most attractive hairstyle for this facial shape is a bob cut that stops at the shoulder. Hair that is straight, wavy, or curly can also be used well. You can choose to have a fringe cut into the side of your hair if you like.


This high surface/volume cut is a great choice for curly hair since it will help to lengthen your face. The rounded look is achieved by cutting the bangs and also the rest of the hair to an identical length.


The hallmark of this style is a short or shaved-off side and a combed-over top. Colors that are bold and eye-catching will work well with this motif.

Heart Face

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Pixie Cut:

It is recognizable by the prominence of the cheekbones and jawline. This is because most of the hair is thicker towards the top. The fringe also conceals the forehead, making the haircut appear fuller overall.

Curly Bob:

To achieve this, the top of the head is styled to appear fuller than the back and sides. In this approach, people will notice your thick, full hair.

Layered Hair:

This style is perfect for you if your hair naturally has waves. Shoulder-length hair that has been layered and combed back to maintain volume is the goal. You may accomplish this with the use of hairspray or styling lotion.

Elongated Face

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Pixie Cut:

Wavy or curly hair works well with this cut. A cut with several layers will do this. It always seems full and voluminous.


The face can be visually slimmed by opting for a layered cut with a straight fringe.


This haircut is perfect for those with smooth locks. It draws attention to the eyes and the cheekbones simultaneously. The key to pulling off this style is a top part free of layers and side-length hair that may be tucked behind the ears. A more feminized feel will be achieved with this.

Lob Cut:

This style may help to round out a square face and bring out the best in your cheekbones. Always wear your hair slightly wavy and with long, side-swept fringes for this cut.


A lack of layers in this style directs volume to the crown of the head. This generates a balanced appearance by toning down the emphasis on the most pronounced facial features.

So now that you know which haircuts suit you according to your face cut, nothing can stop you from looking your best. Make sure you do a little research on your hair type and texture before getting the haircut. It is also a good idea to take suggestions from your stylist about the haircut and the aftercare. So which of these haircuts do you like best? Let us know in the comments section.

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