Should Women Wear Bras?

by Shivani K

We, the womenfolk, as“early bloomers” have been raised around bra-wearing women. And this is mainly why we never really thought of “not wearing a bra” as a viable option. We’ve done it, haven’t we? The first time we were given a bra by our mothers or our girl best friends or our sisters to wear, we felt uncomfortable. We felt like a part of our body lost its freedom. And the thought of “should women wear a bra?” popped in our heads. But we never asked that question out loud nor sought for its answer on our own. And eventually, shopping for bras became a chore of our life! The feminine qualities of the bras are inherent. In a way, we can say that how men take off their ties at the end of the day, we women snap off our bras.

But this antiquated idea of wearing bras is a must and should is absolute nonsense. Because, dear ladies, wearing a bra is a choice! It’s a choice that we need to make for ourselves, just like some of us choose to shave our underarms while the rest of us opt for waxing. It’s that simple you know! There shouldn’t be any hard and fast rule that demands women as a gender to adhere to any societal expectations. What you want to wear or don’t want to should be an individual preference.

On that note, have you heard of the “Free the nipple” movement? As the moniker goes, it’s a movement to free the breasts from the suffocating hold of the bra and enabling women to walk freely, topless, just like how men do. Celebrities like Rihanna, Miles Cyrus, and even global companies like Starbucks supported this movement.


That said, let’s now get down to understanding how beneficial or detrimental wearing a bra can be to a woman. We’ve put together a quick guide about this for you, read on.

The Advantages Of Wearing A Bra


Our breasts get support because of the bra we’re wearing. A bra holds our two best friends up for us. It also helps in keeping our boobs curvy and shapely, and not just hanging around like it were the only thing in this world succumbing to the pull of gravity.

On a serious note, if you’re a heavy-breasted woman you will often notice that you’re suffering from frequent back pains, especially in the lower back. This happens only when you go bra-less. If you wear the right bras, then you’ll be providing the support the breasts require and your chances of suffering from those painful backaches reduce drastically.

Also, if a woman has non-identical breasts, then a bra would help maintain the balance and also cover the nipples that are conspicuous. Not wearing a bra can make the breasts sag heavily which isn’t a pleasant thing if you love wearing figure personifying clothes like a bodycon dress.

If you’re a sportswoman or loves participating in recreational activities that are rigorous by nature, then wearing a bra will save you from the discomfort women would face without a bra on. You’ll feel less conscious and more comfortable to jog around wearing a bra.

The Disadvantages Of Wearing A Bra


When we wear bras, we’re generally wearing them for most of the time in a day. This increases the chances of applied pressure on our boobs because of the bra, especially if you wear a tight-fitting one (which you shouldn’t be). Because of this pressure, there are chances that the blood might begin to clot in our breasts. If this continues, then our breasts might lack good blood flow through it. If this gets extreme, it can also lead to chronic diseases like breast cancer.

If you chose to wear a bra, then it’s extremely important to wear the right sized one. Wearing a bra which is way too tight can lead to embarrassing bra spillage and can also lead to serious problems such as restricting the natural growth of the breast tissue. Wearing the wrong bra can also lead to breast pains as well. Therefore, make sure you consider trying out the various sizes and fits and only then zero down on a suitable one.


Make sure you take your bra off before you sleep every night. Those boobs of yours deserve some freedom at the end of the day. And remember that at the end of the day, it’s totally up to you, whether you want to wear it or not. Also, get yourself checked regularly and meet your doctor whenever you feel suspicious about the breast pains. Do what’s right to your body and not what society thinks is right. Find your answer to “should women wear a bra?” and follow it with all your heart.

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