8 Signs Of A Strong Relationship That Will Last A Lifetime

by Anjala Farahath

If we gave you an opportunity to replay the last 4 months of your relationship on a loop, how would you feel? If you’re feeling anything other than happy and nervous, you might want to stop and check where your relationship is heading. Being in a relationship with the one you love is like setting out on a whole new journey that has no pre-downloaded route-map (It’s like Dora the Explorer, but without that map).


While it’s okay to not know the road you both are taking together, we would say it would be an act of wisdom to cross-check if you’re both heading towards the same destination. Let’s cut to the real talk: Do you and your partner have the same expectations out of the relationship? Do you guys think this will last for an eternity, irrespective of the numerous vamps in your life? If your answers aren’t positive, then, friend, looks like your GPS signal is lost – you need to re-route immediately!

If you have found “The One” already, may we dare ask how strong your relationship is? Do you define your strength by posting pictures on Instagram or do you strengthen your relationship with private, profound, and passionate conversations on a starry night?


If you are unsure about where your relationship stands, these signs will surely rid you of your confusion. If you see these signs, your relationship is bound to last a lifetime:

1. You Both Have Real Conversations


You guys have been dating each other for a considerable amount of time now, and you have crossed the stages of mushy sweet nothings and weather talk. You both talk about ideologies, passions, dreams, and the things that really matter. And there’s always some space for random affectionate chats. That being said, stay away from small talk as it can kill your relationship.

2. You Have Found Yourself A Cheerleader


Whose number do you first dial when you walk out of a failed interview? Whose number do you dial when you finally get that high-paying job? If your partner is your go-to person for motivation and some direction in life, you have got yourself a cheerleader!

3. You Are Way Too Comfortable With Each Other


We often find ourselves putting our best foot forward on our first date, but once you’ve sealed the roots of your relationship, you lose all your inhibitions. There lies no filter. You speak your mind, you act on impulses, and you don’t think twice before acting. There’s no more, “I need to get dressed!” There’s only “I’ll be in my pajamas.”

4. You Like To Show Them Off


A strong relationship is based on the foundation of intimacy, and this intimacy isn’t just restricted to closed doors. Wherever you are, you don’t hesitate to show your partner off. You compliment them, you hug them, and you hold their hand. Hell, you probably even lean in for a peck on their cheek. Your friends know about them and you speak of them with respect and love.

5. Your Communication Is On Point


Are you able to communicate with them from across the hallway, without uttering a word? Well, that’s what we call telepathy. Communication isn’t always about words. It’s sometimes about the silences that speak, the gestures that matter, and the actions that mean the world to us. You both can communicate your needs and wants without any barriers. If you nodded for all of this, please invite us to your wedding.

6. You Never Explain, You Always Understand


Did you just throw a tantrum at him? Did she just snap at you? Well, before you morosely put your head down, you try to connect the dots and understand why your partner behaved in a certain manner. You wait for them to calm down. But, at the end of day, you always understand one another, effortlessly.

7. You Try To Fix It And Not Fight It


What do you do with a gold vase that has a crack in it? You try to fix it by filling the cracks up right? That’s exactly what people in love do if they wish to last for a lifetime. They solve all their problems as a team. No matter what the situation, they will be waiting for each other from dusk till dawn (for a reconciliation), and their heart will go on and on (to fix the broken things).

8. You And I? No, It’s Always “Us”


There are no rules, no restrictions, and no contracts that say you both have to plan your future together if you are in love with each other. But, if you have started including your partner in all your future plans and you say, “We should buy that car,” or “Our house will have an open bathroom,” and the likes, you guys have definitely sealed the deal! Congratulations, you guys, your relationship is stronger than Thor’s hammer.

If your relationship is on the rocky roads, pause and rethink the problems. But if you see these aforementioned signs in your relationship, do tell us about your love story! Because we are sure it’s got a happy ending.

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Anjala Farahath

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