20 Signs Of Romance That Prove You Are Special To Him

By Chandrama Deshmukh

They say actions speak louder than words. And this is even more true when it comes to love! Yes, we agree, those three oh-so-sweet words wield a power unlike any other when spoken. But sadly, the spell they weave can only kick in if they are backed up by the gestures a man does when he’s bitten by the love bug.

Now, before you get your imagination all up and running, let us clear the air. We aren’t talking about those clichéd, grand romantic gestures that 90s chick flicks and your mom’s hidden stack of trashy romance novels have led you to believe declare love. Your man doesn’t need to race through an airport and fight security or stand below your window with a boom box on his shoulder as he shouts his love for you to the entire slumbering world. Nor does he need to charge your building like a knight-in-shining-armor in a white limo and climb a fire escape (when he harbors a fear of heights!) in order to let you know that you are ‘The One’ for him.

The last one was a tad too specific, but you get my point. Real love isn’t proved by once-in-a-lifetime, adrenaline-induced actions. Oh no. It’s those little gestures a man unconsciously performs every day that quietly proclaims his undying love for you.

Curious to know just what these small signs are? Well, read on to find out!

1. He makes himself available to you whenever you ask.

Dinner party with stuffy colleagues? He’ll be there. Sherlock season finale on game night with the boys? He’ll be there. If it matters to you, then it matters to him too.

2. He’s eager to help you in your tasks.

Though he hates to do the dishes, he hates to see you do the dirty dishes all by your lonesome even more.

3. He often checks up on you, just to know that you’re doing okay… and, also, because he misses his woman!

Because let’s face it – you’re always on his mind!

4. He won’t mind apologizing first, even when he isn’t the one at fault.

It doesn’t matter how proud a man he may be, the knowledge of what you mean to him makes him humble.

5. He discusses his hopes, dreams, and future with you.

He confides his vulnerabilities in you because he recognizes you as the other half of his soul.

6. He will go out of the way for you.

If it’s the way to making you happy then it’s not a detour – it’s the right way for him too.

7. He will be gentle with you, even when he’s an angry young man for the rest of the world.

You are his kryptonite.

8. His loyalty knows no bounds when it comes to you.

Because it’s you and him against the rest of the world.

9. He has learned your dislikes and takes joy in surprising you with things he hopes would impress you.

Your happiness is his happiness.

10. He is protective of you and can get jealous when you talk with other guys.

He can’t help it! He recognizes the prize that you are and knows other men can see it too.

11. He never tries to put the blame on you and instead attempts to put his POV across in a subtle manner.

He will always stand in your corner, no matter how unreasonable you get!

12. He will look at you as if you are the most beautiful woman on this planet.

You objectively know you aren’t going to be winning Miss Universe anytime soon… but his eyes make you feel as if you could.

13. Instead of making plans all by himself, he always involves you and then ensures you both execute them as a team.

Because it just isn’t as fun otherwise.

14. He will patiently listen to your mindless rambling.

If he can even put up with that then you know the man is head over heels in l-o-v-e with your crazy ass!

15. He never feels a need to keep a score and remind you of his sacrifices/ favors.

He understands that there is no math in love.

16. He doesn’t ever let your fights or arguments get ugly. Instead, he tries to tackle them rationally.

He may be all riled up but the irrational fear of losing you strangely clears his head.

17. He adores those silent times with you.

Your presence makes him feel complete – something he can’t put into words.

18. But he loves taking selfies with you even more!

Can you really blame the man for treasuring the precious memories you two make?

19. He makes an effort to always make you smile.

And when he succeeds, he feels like the king of this world.

20. You are his first choice in everything. Period.

No matter what commitments may arise, you are his number one priority, always.

Always remember, anybody can plagiarize a love sonnet and paste it on your Facebook wall in order to proclaim their so-called feelings for you. True love, however, it doesn’t simply come with the words. It comes with the actions.

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