If A Man Behaves Like This, He Definitely Likes You

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You have a crush on the hottest guy in your batch. OK, let me get this straight – not just you, but the entire girl gang is drooling over him. The competition is tough or rather cut-throat. And just when you want to give up, thinking you don’t stand a chance, he starts sending out signals, or so you think! You dismiss itinitially, thinking you are hallucinating, but deep inside, you feel he is sending out feelers that he might be interested in you. While you want to jump with joy in excitement, you can’t be too sure if you are reading too much into the signals and misinterpreting them all. So, how do you know for sure? You want to be close to him and, at the same time, you don’t want to spoil whatever little attention you are getting by confessing your true feelings to him. What’s the best way to find out? Well, girls, all I can say is look for indicators. There will be telltale signs. If you are clueless about them, here I am to help you decode the love signals. Want to take a look at what I have to say? Read on…

1.  He Finds An Excuse To Talk

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As I mentioned earlier, the very fact that he’s talking to you means he’s interested in you. No, don’t jump to conclusions yet. I mean, at least, there’s an inclination to communicate, right? So that’s a baby step towards bonding. Talking is one thing, and finding excuses to communicate is another. You know when a person is talking just for the heck of it and when he is actually making an effort to talk to you. Isn’t that reason enough for you to feel hopeful?

2. Communication Style

2. Communication Style

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 When a person talks, you know what he’s hinting at unless you are either too naive or dumb. You can easily distinguish between a casual talk and a special one. So, if you notice that he talks to you differently than he does with others, that sure is a sign to watch out for!

3. Making An Impression

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When you want to befriend someone, you display the best side of you. So, you can imagine his plight now. This guy has fallen head over heels for you and is making every effort to gain your attention. It could be with his talks, sharing his favorite songs, gifts, et. al. He sure wants to win your trust. So, girl, if a guy is trying really hard to impress you, it simply means he’s interested in you.

4. Compliments Galore

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If a guy likes you, he will not spare a chance to notice you and make sure you know that. If you find yourself being showered with endless compliments from him, it does mean something. He sure wants to win your heart with all those flattering words. Don’t you know compliments are hard to come by from men unless they really want to let you know you are special?

5. Wants To Catch Up Outside

 Looks like he can’t get enough of you! He sees you every day and yet suggests that you guys meet out so you could converse without any distractions. If this isn’t love, what is?

6. Teasing

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He takes liberties to make fun of you. He has got a great sense of humor and leaves you in splits. He just can’t seem to let go of a chance to joke with you and tease you, dropping indirect hints about his liking for you.

7. Asks You Out

Okay, so he did the ice breaking, and you both hit it off well. He passes by your desk to say hi, finds excuses to ping you on Skype, and can’t wait to meet you during lunch hour and coffee time. So, the two of you have reached a certain comfort level and are at ease with each other. Just when you want to dismiss it off as mere friendship, he asks you out for a movie or dinner. And you realize he hasn’t asked anyone else to join. Here’s your chance to make that first impression and find out all about him. This will give you two some time in private, and you the chance to find out if he’s the ONE and serious about you. If the response is in the affirmative, time to take your relationship to the next level.

8. Caught Him Staring

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You want to believe that he likes you, but are scared you could be wrong. However, on more than one occasion, you have caught him staring at you. And yes, that very moment you feel the release of endorphins (the feel good hormones)! Now, this should convince you that he does like you, yeah?

So, girls, watch out for these signals of love. The list is actually infinite. I have added only a few here. Know of any more signs that could be indicative of a person’s interest in you? Share them with us in the comments section below. Good luck!

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