10 Signs That Show You Are Overdoing Your Makeup

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How much makeup is too much makeup? Well, for starters, if your makeup starts to feel like the icing on a cake, you probably overdid it. Makeup is an art, and over the years, people have experimented with makeup products to create the most gorgeous looks. It can be as subtle or as bold as you’d like, depending on how you apply the makeup. However, no one said applying makeup is easy! There is a thin line between looking like a goddess and messing it all up and looking like a clown. It all depends on how you apply the makeup. Here are some signs that you are overdoing your makeup and how to make it look right. Read on to know them all.

1. Your Eyes Resemble Raccoon Eyes


Too much mascara, kajal, or eyeliner will result in raccoon eyes. When you apply your makeup, it is usually in your room, where you have full control over the room temperature. However, the moment you step out, the tiniest bit of sweat can roll the liner down your cheek and make you look like a tired raccoon. Dabbing it with a napkin will only make it look like permanent dark circles. The best thing to do is to invest in waterproof eye makeup and keep the makeup on the lesser side so you can wipe up any overspill easily with the help of a makeup wipe.

2. Your Face Looks Whiter Than The Rest Of Your Body


It’s true people notice your face first, but if your face looks five shades lighter than your neck and hands, it will only make you look absolutely ridiculous. Makeup is not an instrument to hide your natural skin color. Concealer and foundation are used to brighten and even out your natural skin tone. So,make sure you match your skin tone to the product before buying it.

3. Your Eyebrows Look Like A Painting


 Not everyone is a professional makeup artist, and to be honest, eye makeup is tricky. However, do not paint your eyebrows so perfectly that it starts looking unreal. Instead, get the eyebrow pencil that matches your skin tone and fill in the gaps to make your eyebrow look fuller. Do not make a stencil around your eyebrow, and then try and color it like a children’s book.

4. Removing Makeup Takes A Lot Of Time


No matter what makeup you use, with the help of a makeup removing solution, it should not take more than 5 minutes to get it all out. Take a cotton pad and soak it in the solution. Rub it gently on the makeup, and if it doesn’t come off with 2-3 wipes, you probably put on one too many layers.

5. You Look Like Someone Else After Applying Makeup


Most people apply makeup to conceal the wrinkles and make their skin tone even, which is absolutely understandable. However, after completing your makeup, if you look like someone else, you’ve probably added too much of one product. So make sure you use the products to enhance your features and natural beauty.

6. Appearance Of Tide Lines


If your concealer or foundation has not blended properly, it will result in tide lines appearing on your neck and chin. Make sure you blend your foundation properly, even in places that are not visible at first glance. You can keep clicking pictures to see if the blending is too obvious.

7.Your Eyelashes Look Fake


We can’t deny that fake eyelashes amp your eye makeup like no other; however, they might weigh your eyes down and look really weird if not done correctly. Make sure you add the lashes separately to make it look fuller, and use the mascara wisely, so they don’t cluster together and look like broken feathers.

8. Your Makeup Feels Like Plaster


If you can feel the weight of your makeup, it’s a sign that you’ve caked on too much. Makeup should work even with the thinnest layer, and it should not feel like plaster or paste. In the worst-case scenario, it can dry out and even crack on your face. Imagine looking like an eggshell in your photos!

9. It Looks Too Much


As a general rule, your makeup should emphasize one feature only. If you want your eyes to take center stage, let your lips be subtle and vice-versa. If you are heavily decked with rich colors all over your face, you might lose the edge in your makeup and look flat even with all the makeup on your face.

10. It Smudges Too Quickly


If you apply makeup in a single layer, the chances of it getting transferred to another surface are minimal. Make sure you use good products that blend in properly.. You can also use transfer-proof makeup and a makeup brush to blend the extra makeup.

So now that you know all the possible mistakes you have been making with your makeup, getting a natural look is no longer an unattainable task. Watch tutorials and do a few trials before trying it for the big day. Also, it is important to do a patch test and see if the makeup works for your skin type. So, do you have any secrets to maintaining the perfect makeup look? Let us know in the comments below!

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