10 Signs That Tell You Are Wearing The Wrong Bra Size

Written by Chandrama Deshmukh  • 

To feel comfortable, the first step towards knowing what you want is to understand what you don’t want. The latter is easier to figure, bringing you closer to your goal. Most women wear bras. I often wonder about a world without bras and what impact a braless-life would have on the shape of a woman’s breasts.

But I digress. Since the current situation is one with bras, you want to make sure that wearing a bra mostly sustains, if not enhances, the actual shape of your breasts. Most women hit puberty and get a bra not knowing what really fits. Now that there is information regarding the same, watch out for these crucial indicators of an ill-fitting bra before making your purchase.

1. The Band Is Not A Straight Line

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When you put your bra on and the band on the back looks settled upwards, then that is a clear sign of bad fitting. In this case, the breasts often pull the weight in the front thus lifting the band in the back. You don’t want that bra. Also, make sure that you let in some air by avoiding a tight hook in the back.

2. The Strap Keeps Slipping

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The strap is meant to hold the bra together on your body. If that strap keeps falling off, then the bra essentially doesn’t work. This can be avoided by selecting another cup size or adjusting the strap to find the right balance.

3. The Back Band Has Too Much Space

If you’re able to put more than two fingers under your back band, then you need to reassess the fitting. The wiser thing to do would be to reduce the band size so that it comfortably sits on your body without too much of a gap in between.

4. Breasts Bulge Out Of Your Cups

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If the cups can’t hold your breasts firmly, then you know that the bulge is going to give trouble. To ensure that your boobs fit nicely within your cups, try going up a size or two.

5. Cups Sag

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When your cups sag more than your breasts, it’s a sign that you should change your bra. Breasts evolve just like anything else, so it is important to observe and notice when the cups begin to give in to gravity or get wrinkles – it’s time for a change.

6. Your Shoulders Have Strap Marks

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The instance of strap marks is simple enough to notice and understand why it doesn’t work. If your strap is tight enough to leave red marks on your skin, then it’s good enough to be disposed away. A good fitting lets you be comfortable and a bad one can cause back pain and a bad posture. Well-fitted bras will never leave a mark on your shoulders.

7. Breasts Bulge Out Of The Sides

When your skin begins to pop out of the sides, then you need to loosen the straps or get another cup size.

8. Gap Between Breasts And Cups

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You want to make sure that the gap between your breasts and bra cups is not more than necessary. In case the space is too much, it means that the bra you’ve chosen is too big for you. On such an occasion, try another cup size. A smaller cup size in the same bra size will hold the breasts without letting them bulge out.

9. Breasts Bulge Out At The Bottom

Any kind of bulging is a sign of a bad fitting. If you see your breasts sneaking out of your bra at the lower end, then you know that this size doesn’t work for you. A bra is supposed to contain your breasts fully – from top to bottom, front to back, and side to side. Ensure that the straps are tightened correctly.

10. The Cups Are Not Firm

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A good quality bra will have a firm cup that doesn’t deform when you wear or wash the bra. It is important to buy a brand that doesn’t compromise on quality. Otherwise, you will end up with a bra that molds and warps, making your breasts look uneven. Also, always wash your bra by hand and avoid putting it in a washer or dryer.

Anytime you enter a lingerie shop, use these ten indicators to select the right size for you. It takes a lot of effort to buy a good bra, but the work and the wait are worth it. The one you will end up buying is a bra that you can wear comfortably, with or without clothes.

When you go to a party, you can walk confidently in your dress without having to run to the bathroom to adjust the strap every half hour. When you’re in the bedroom, you can tease your partner without worrying about a boob falling out of your cup. In other words, you can pick clothes of your size that sit comfortably on your body with a well-fitted bra underneath.

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