11 Signs That You May Be Aging Prematurely

Written by Niharika Nayak

There is nothing wrong with aging. Let’s get that said and done. However, if you are in your twenties and you already feel like you are older than you are, you might have a problem. Most people start to show signs of aging in their thirties and are quite active and healthy in their 20s. That’s not to say that regular aches and pains are not common among those in their 20s, but feeling like you are in constant pain while performing the simplest of activities is not normal. If you notice that people think you are older than you are, then that is a sign that something may not be right. So here are eleven signs that you need to look out for if you believe you are aging prematurely:

1. You Don’t Just Suffer From Regular Hair Fall



Seeing a lot of scalp peeping out of your hairline can be a major sign that you are aging of course but if it’s not just focussed on your head, it may be a problem. If you are younger and notice that the hair on your legs, arms and scalp are no longer as thick as they were before then this could be a sign that you are aging prematurely.

2. You Get Bruised Easily



An important and overlooked sign you may have noticed is that you bruise easily and that it takes longer time to heal from bruises. A major sign of photo-aging on areas of your skin that are exposed to the sun is known as “solar purpura”. This is caused due to severe damage to all of the structures that are around the tiny blood vessels present in your skin. Even the smallest of trauma can cause these blood vessels to rupture.

3. You Have More Wrinkles Than Your Peers



Another telltale sign that you are aging is sagging skin and wrinkles and how fast you get them. This can be a huge indicator of premature aging. Genetics are a factor but loose, wrinkly skin is also indicative of poor lifestyle choices. Your diet has a major impact on the rate at which you age and if you have a diet that is filled with processed foods, sugary foods and saturated fats, you are more likely to suffer from wrinkly skin. Excessive exposure to the sun, alcohol consumption and smoking can speed up signs of aging on skin.

4. You Have A Tough Time Opening Things



As we start to age, we tend to lose some of our muscle mass. However, some people tend to lose muscle mass faster than others do. You need to use weights in order to strengthen your forearms and practice stress exercises like squeezing a ball.

5. Your Favorite Pants Are Tight At The Waist But Loose At The Leg



A sign that you are aging faster than you may think is gaining some fat around your midsection. Add this to muscle and bone loss that accompanies aging and you will notice that your thigh muscles have started to shrink in size. As you age, your height starts to decrease as well and you will end up with some ill-fitting pants. However, if this happens at a rapid rate, then shrinking pants are the least of your worries and you need to see a doctor to rule out any health issues.

6. Your Skin Feels Much Drier Than Before



Do you feel like your skin is always flaky and dry? As your skin starts to age, it’s ability to make good proteins, solidify the top layer and lock moisture tends to diminish. This process is accelerated by excessive exposure to the sun. There are many other causes of excessive skin dryness. Your environment can play a major role in the way your skin ages and hence you need to protect it from outside elements.

7. You Have A Tough Time Falling Asleep



As you grow older you may notice that you are having a tougher time going to sleep. If you are someone who used to sleep like a baby in the past. As we grow older, our cortisol levels start to rise and when it rises too quickly, it tends to age you faster. On top of that, cortisol can make you gain weight, lower your immunity and lead to a lot of chronic diseases.

8. Your Face Looks Sunken



Bone loss is an unfortunate reality of aging. No matter how many face plumping creams you use, you will lose the bone mass in your face. This will give you the characteristic of an elderly profile and cause your face to look more sunken in. As you age, your lips start to thin as well. Smoking, having poor nutrition and poor cardiovascular health can make you look older than you actually are. If you want to counteract this bone loss, exercise and eat healthy food to maintain a healthy weight.

9. People Think You Are Older Than Your Actual Age



If you feel like people always think you are older than your actual age, then you might be aging faster. Wrinkles, fine lines, saggy skin, etc are all signs of aging and if you face any of them, you’re most likely to look older than your age. If you ask a bunch of strangers to accurately guess your age and round up the average, it might be a good indicator of your body’s biological age.

10. You’re Always Dragging Behind Others



Do you constantly feel like you are getting left behind when you walk with friends who are the same age as you? Well, it turns out that your normal walking speed can be a good indicator of how you are aging. Your walking speed is an indicator of how your leg muscles are working and how well your nerves function. Well, the good news is that there is an easy fix. All you need to do is start taking walks more often and you’ll see a stark difference.

11. Going Upstairs Causes Your Knees To Ache



You might chalk up your difficulty with stairs to poor fitness and bad knees but one of the biggest reasons why adults get uncoordinated or are unable to do physical activity is because they may be facing muscle loss as they age. It’s a good idea to stay active and move around if you’ve been stuck to your chair for sometime.

Keeping these tips in mind, we’re sure you’ll be able to reverse your body clock and slow down your signs of aging. If you are a regular smoker or drinker, then it’s a good idea to take a break from it to see how it affects your skin. Which of these tips was of most help to you? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.

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