9 Signs That You Have An Amazing Elder Sister

by Jyotsana Rao

Thinking about your elder sister always leaves a big smile on your face. Recollecting all the trivial fights, emotional moments, and all the crazy experiences makes you miss her all the more. The memories and bonding you share with your elder sister never fade away, and the love grows day by day. She is beyond wise. Shewas the one who taught you to sing like a pop diva using a hair brush and the first one to guide you when you hit puberty.

Here are nine signs that prove you have an amazing elder sister.

1. You Are Her Guinea Pig In All The Things She Wants To Experiment.

Let it be a new dress, makeup, or a new hairstyle, it has to look good on you first before she will try it on herself.

2. You Were Her Assistant in All Her Weird Experiments – Cooking, Cleaning, Pranks, Etc.

She never starts any work without you. She needs you not because you’re good at it, but because she loves ordering you around. Remember your childhood days when she always used to play the role of teacher and you were her student!

3. She Teaches You How To Break Rules.

She knows how to cross a line and when exactly to do it. She teaches you how to be competitive without turning into a bitch.

4. She Teaches You How To Face Your Parents In Awkward Situations.

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As she has already been through that phase, she is better at it. Not only this, she always tranforms boring family reunions into a bearable ones.

5. You’re Already Famous In Your School As You Know Quite A Few Seniors.

And the credit goes to your one and only sister.

6. She Becomes Your Career Guide.

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You need not worry about which path to choose in your career because your sister already gave you anenlightening session on all subjects. All you have to do is make the final decision.

7. And Your Fashion Guide Too.

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She helped you get rid ofthat awful sweater that your mother made you wear while going out. She will always help you look good, and sometimes, let you borrow her cute dresses.

8. Most Often, She Made You Believe That You’re The Adopted Child In Your Family.

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Even though that’s not true, she finds it really funny and loves teasing you. 

9. No Matter What, Your First And Best Friend Will Always Be Your Elder Sister.

Let it be a moment of joy or a moment of worry, you know your sister is always there for you as a friend and as your role model.

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