8 Signs That You Need To Upgrade Your Wardrobe

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There are two kinds of people, one who revamp their closet with every emerging trend, and then there are people who believe-‘if the clothes, fit wear it!’. If you are like the latter one and don’t really know when to bid adieu to your old clothes, we are here to help. It may seem tricky to segregate clothes that have accumulated in your wardrobe for years, but some of them belong to the category of ‘never to be worn’. We understand the guilt of giving them away, mainly because it cost a fortune, but sometimes that is a good enough reason to not hoard them in your closet. So if you have made up your mind to do justice to your wardrobe, here are the signs that will help you decide what clothes actually belong on the racks of your closet. Read on to know them all!

1. Put Everything You Don’t Love In A Pile

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It all starts with a pile of clothes! Honestly, the tower of clothes you move from the chair to your bed and from bed to your chair are the clothes you need for your regular wear. Everything else is just extra! So the day you decide to rearrange your wardrobe and donate the things you don’t need, you can follow the pile hack. All you have to do is, put everything you really need in the closet and everything you haven’t used for months in a separate pile. Except for occasional clothes like wedding sarees and formal clothes, everything that stays in a pile without needing it for a month should be given away.

2. Accept That There Is No Such Thing As ‘Some Day’

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If you have been saving a dress thinking you might need it ‘someday’, that day probably won’t come. It’s always now or never with clothes. If you use the blue denim more but don’t want to give up on the black one thinking someday you might want to wear it, it has to be that day. So the rule is, if you feel some piece of cloth has been waiting in the wardrobe for long, it’s high time you start wearing it.

3. Keep Your Lifestyle In Mind

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Even when we buy clothes, we make a lot of mistakes. First, we don’t really go by the clothes we need, we always go by the clothes we love looking at. So, suppose you really like a gown, but your lifestyle calls for loose t-shirts and shorts; no matter how beautiful the gown is, it will only sit at a corner of your closet.

4. Segregate What’s Worn Out

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Even if you can’t see it, people around you will remind you how faded your shirt has become or how big the hole is on your sleeves. Even if you have successfully ignored these comments, it’s time to say goodbye to these clothes.

5. Toss What Is Out Of Fashion

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We don’t feel it’s essential to run according to the latest fashion trends, but if something is so outdated that it makes people turn and gaze at you, you probably are doing it wrong. So if you have any bellbottoms and tight turtlenecks that you have preserved in your closet for decades, maybe you should give them away now.

6. Don’t Keep- ‘When I Get Thin’ Clothes

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We don’t always stay the same size, and if you wear fitted clothes, every increase in inches will call for new clothes. Also, if you have a habit of buying clothes for times you think you can fit into them, make sure you get in the dream body before you actually buy it.

7. Don’t Store Duplicates

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It is quite possible that you bought a black t-shirt for yourself, and someone gifted you a similar shirt. You might feel there is no harm in keeping the same clothes, but even if you wear them alternatively, people will feel you wear the same shirt every day. So, it’s best to give one away before fading it out.

8. Ask Yourself- If This Was In Stores Now, Would I Buy It?

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This is the simplest way to cut through your excuses. Take the clothes out one by one and ask yourself if you would buy them had they been in the store right now? There could be many reasons not to keep it, like being out of style, not fitting you properly, or not suiting your current look. Whatever reason you pick, you should consider giving it away if you feel you would not get it now.

So now you know the signs that indicate you need to upgrade your wardrobe, keeping it managed should not be a problem anymore. Make sure you don’t throw them, but donate them to organizations that can make good use of these clothes. So, do you have any ideas about how you would arrange your closet? Let us know in the comments section!

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