9 Signs That Your Boyfriend Is Going To Breakup With You Soon

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‘He is busy watching the game, and you are staring right at him. He is the same person who wooed you into being in the relationship, held your hand tight in a crowded place, and didn’t sleep till he heard a “good night” from you. And now that you are madly in love, why is it so hard to find the same person in him?

This might not be your story (and we pray no one experiences a heartbreak), but unfortunately, breakups are more common than finding true love these days. Just when you think he is different, he is already planning an exit from your relationship. So if you are tired of hearing– You deserve a better guy – we are here to help. Here are some signs that your prince charming has lost his charm and wants to break the relationship. Read on to detect the early signs so you can focus on yourself and prevent a heartbreak.

1. He Is Always Away

He Is Always Away
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We agree no one can be present in front of you at your beck and call, but if spending time with you is the last thing on his list, it’s time to evaluate your importance in the relationship. Your man will probably avoid being alone with you if he is considering a breakup. So the first red flag you should watch out for is if he always spends his leisure time outside and with his friends instead of with you.

2. He Doesn’t Want His Friends To Know That He’s Dating You

He Doesn't Want His Friends To Know That He's Dating You
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It mostly means trouble in paradise if your long-term boyfriend is still secretive about his social circle and doesn’t share photos with you on his social media handles. In the worst-case scenario, he may be signaling to all other women that he is single and that you are the one who is coaxing him to be with you.

3. A Rise In The Frequency Of Conflicts

A Rise In The Frequency Of Conflicts
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Couples fight, and conflicts are an inevitable part of any relationship, but if your partner has been more prone to arguments and appears to be choosing disputes over trivial matters, he may be attempting to increase the distance between himself and you and use it as a strategy to plan his exit in the relationship.

4. He No Longer Enquires About Your Personal Life

He No Longer Enquires About Your Personal Life
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Asking about your day is a sign that someone cares to hear about you. If your partner stops asking you about your day, your plans for the evening, and how the doctor’s appointment went, he may no longer be interested in a long-term relationship with you.

5. Lack Of Physical Contact

Lack Of Physical Contact
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Intimacy is a cornerstone of any healthy relationship. And any long-term relationship will dictate the importance of establishing physical touch. However, if you feel your partner is lately avoiding all chances of getting intimate with you, it’s time to consider how interested he is in your relationship.

6. He Is Always In A Foul Mood Around You

He Is Always In A Foul Mood Around You
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Lately, if you never catch him in a positive mood while he’s near you, he is probably done with the relationship before you even realize it. He could be in a good mood and ready to watch the game when he gets home, but if you try to interact with him, he may close off and become angry about nothing.

7. You Feel More Lonely When He Is Around

You Feel More Lonely When He Is Around
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If you feel more isolated when he’s around than when you’re alone, he could be distancing himself on purpose. If you have good reason to believe that he has abandoned you, it is probably not worth the effort to save the relationship from your side.

8. He Always Seems To Find Fault With Everything You Do

He Always Seems To Find Fault With Everything You Do
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It’s mostly impossible to feel grateful for anybody or anything when you’re stuck with someone you don’t want to be with. Absolutely nothing you may say or do will ever be enough to earn his gratitude. When your sincere efforts to mend a relationship are met with indifference or hostility, it may be time to end things.

9. Nothing He Used To Like Before Appeases Him Anymore

Nothing He Used To Like Before Appeases Him Anymore
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Are all your efforts that he appreciated before now invisible to him? He probably doesn’t seem to care that you cooked his favorite dish or that you attempt to tell him some of the jokes he used to enjoy. But it’s all in vain. You may have already lost him if your previous efforts to woo him have proven fruitless.

Yes, breakups are painful, and seeing someone lose interest in you tears your heart one strand at a time. But, no one can force a relationship on anyone, and if a person doesn’t value you, the mantra is, IT’S THEIR LOSS! So, make sure you always stand tall in your personality and let no one break you as a person. Would you like to add anything to our list? Let us know in the comments section!

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