11 Signs That Your Marriage Won’t Last Long

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Do you believe that matches are made in heaven? At least once in your lifetime, you must have met someone who made you believe in soulmates. If you were younger, you had butterflies in your belly, and if you were mature, you began looking for signs if he is actually ‘The One’. As challenging as finding Mr. Right is, you also have to make sure you spend enough time understanding the person before you tie the holy knot. Even though every person seems to be an angel when you first meet them, here are the subtle signs that prove that a person will not let you hold the marriage together for long. Read on to know them all before you say ‘I Do’!

1. Being Suspicious Always

Being Suspicious Always
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Imagine getting a beautiful bouquet and card for your partner, and they receive it with “why did you do this?” You might ignore the knee-jerk reaction, but this is a huge sign of deep-rooted trust issues. Trust is the biggest foundation of any relationship, and if there is any scope for insecurities, it needs to be addressed before taking a huge leap together.

2. Flaws Are Used As Jokes

Flaws Are Used As Jokes
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If your partner uses ‘jokes’ as a constant way to refer to others’ faults, this might be a passive-aggressive way to hide what he is feeling within. It gets worse when he takes these jokes outside and keeps making a skit out of your mistakes. This is a huge red flag that you must never sweep under the carpet in your relationship.

3. You Stop Being Curious

You Stop Being Curious
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You might think you have dated this person for three years, and you know all about him, but the truth is people keep evolving for the better or worse. Even you are not the same person you were a year ago. So even if you feel you know your partner inside out, don’t give up on being curious about him. The more you get to know him, the better it will help you solve problems in the relationship.

4. No Compromises

No Compromises
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No two people are the same, and to live peacefully under one roof, there have to be tons of compromises made without even mentioning them out loud. Also, make sure not one person stands at the compromising end always. There has to be a balance in everything, and the happiness of each other should be a priority in your marriage.

5. No More Arguments

No More Arguments
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One would think having no fights among a couple is ideal, but that is not true. Silent treatment kills a relationship twice as much as fighting. So if you feel keeping quiet about your problems will help proceed in your relationship, it is the last thing a healthy marriage should look forward to.

6. You Enjoy Spending Time Alone

You Enjoy Spending Time Alone
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We understand everyone needs ‘me time,’ and it’s absolutely fine to devote some time off for things you like doing alone. But if you would rather spend time with yourself and not your partner, it could mean that you are not really interested in each other’s company. Tying a knot with such a person will lead to hardships in the marriage.

7. Interrupting Each Other

Interrupting Each Other
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When in an argument, if you keep interrupting each other, it could mean you both want to be heard, but no one wants to listen. Marriage needs communication skills to work perfectly, and you need to respect each other to be heard.

8. Winning Arguments

Winning Arguments
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We understand how difficult it is to surrender the argument when you know you are absolutely right. No one likes to lose, but the enthusiasm to win every argument can lead to an uncompromising relationship and make you two separate teams instead of one.

9. Blame Game

Blame Game
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Blaming each other for what your marriage turns out to be is easier than trying to find faults in yourself. If you or your partner has the habit of blaming situations for your misery, there is a good chance the marriage will be a bumpy road.

10. Bickering In Public

Bickering In Public
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Marriage is a private affair, and if you are irritated to the level where you no later care to make it personal, it means problems have already seeped in. If you feel the issues between you two have increased so much that you can’t keep it confined anymore, the marriage is bound to fail.

11. You Find Other People Attractive

You Find Other People Attractive
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Some people are flirtatious by nature, and while a little flirting doesn’t hurt, finding other people more attractive can give way to bigger problems. It means you are no longer interested in your partner, and you are seeking attention from somewhere else. Feeling disconnected from your spouse is a big warning sign in your marriage.

So now that you know what the red flags are that take years off your marriage, finding a compatible partner shouldn’t be as challenging. You need to make sure you explore yourself before finding the person. It is essential to be complete in every way before finding a person to spend a happy life with. What do you think is the biggest challenge to finding Mr. Right? Let us know in the comments below.

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