7 Signs You’re Bored With Your Relationship (And, No, It’s Not Because Of Your Partner)

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Relationships are not as easy as they seem in movies and fairy tales. It’s a lot more than going on dates and celebrating Valentine’s Day. Falling in love is a wonderful feeling for sure, but you need to invest your time, effort, and emotions into it. And, you may feel that you’re all up for it during the first few months but it’s only when the honeymoon phase wears off, you start facing the challenges that come with it. The couple who couldn’t keep their hands off each other a few months ago is now waiting for excuses to spend time away from each other. While sometimes this can be a mutual feeling, it can happen with either of the two alone.

Well, if you get a little bored with your relationship, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t love your partner anymore. It’s just that you need things to change and you need some space. However, it can also mean that you aren’t happy in your relationship and you need to think it through. Nonetheless, it’s very important to communicate your thoughts and fears with your partner to make sure you don’t hurt them later and also to save your relationship. So, how do you know if you’re bored with your relationship? The 7 signs below will help you decide.

You’ve Stopped Flirting With Each Other

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At the beginning of your relationship, you’ve always flirted with each other. In fact, being a little naughty and playful spices things up for a relationship. You make fun of each other, call new nicknames and stage pranks. This means that you are enjoying your time with each other. If this doesn’t really happen anymore, you are definitely bored with your partner. To ensure that things don’t get worse, talk to them and plan tours and dates that give you both more time together.

You’ve Stopped Complimenting Your Partner

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When you first started going out, you may have felt that your partner is one of the most attractive people in the world. You make heart eyes and drool every time they try on a new outfit or dress up for a date. After spending some time with them, you forget to do that. Well, it’s probably because you’ve been seeing them a lot lately. However, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t beautiful anymore. Don’t you feel great when someone appreciates you or compliments you for looking great or doing something nice? In the same way, your partner will feel loved and valued if you do so. You may not feel like doing it anymore because you’re bored, but trust us, once you start complimenting your partner, the ice starts to melt away little by little.

You Focus More On Other Things

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If you’re bored with your relationship, you will try to stay away from interactions and confrontations with your partner. And, the best way to do that is by diverting your attention to other things. You may find yourself spending more time at work or going out with your family and friends rather than your partner. If you think this is true in your case, it’s very important that you communicate with your partner about it.

You Don’t Really Have Deep Conversations Anymore

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Remember those long nights you spoke to each other until dawn? You were so excited to know more about each other and tell your partner everything about yourself. But now, you don’t feel that anymore. Because your partner already knows so much about you or because you feel that they never understand or reciprocate the excitement in things that you find interesting. You might feel that this is boring, but it’s okay to not be in that place anymore. The place you are now is great too. This doesn’t mean it’s boring. And, if you feel like you never have enough deep conversations, try coming up with topics and initiate one!

You Fight A Lot With Each Other

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If you are bored with your relationship, you will purposely ignite arguments and find ways to fight with your partner. This is your way of venting out your frustration of having to be with them. If things have gone this far, you really have to take a call about staying in the relationship. Because neither of you is happy anymore.

You Don’t Recognize Your Partner’s Value Anymore

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If your partner has been nice to you all along but you’ve been always rude and inconsiderate of them, you’re bored with your relationship. You often end up ignoring them and the nice gestures they do for you, because you don’t care anymore. Well, this might hurt your partner a lot if he/she is still madly in love with you. If you want them to be in your life, you’ve got to put more effort into your relationship. And, if you’re sure that you don’t want to take it forward, you should let your partner know about your feelings.

You Don’t Surprise Them Anymore

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Planning small surprises for your partner might sound silly, but these little experiences are vital for your relationship. It means that you care enough to plan the surprise just to see your partner happy. If you haven’t been doing any such gestures lately, you should probably move on.

Relationships are mysterious sometimes. So, if you feel that you’re bored with your relationship, there’s no point in blaming yourself or your partner for it. The point is, if you love your partner, communicate and work on making it work. But if you don’t see a future with them, talk to them and move on for good.

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