7 Signs You’re Just An Option To Him

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Everybody wants a legendary love story. Be it like Jack and Rose from Titanic or Monica and Chandler from Friends. But, life doesn’t work according to our whims and fancies, does it? Dating and relationships seem simple and straightforward only in fairytales. In real life, it’s as messed up as a bowl of spaghetti. It needs a lot of patience and effort to straighten out the mess and not many people can do that. There are many problems that can arise between partners, but when does one realize that their relationship has reached a dead end?

Are you watering a dead flower? Have you been feeling alone a lot lately? Do you feel that your boyfriend is there with you only when he wants you? If you’re reading this article you’re probably having a tough time in your relationship that makes you feel like an option to him. However, there’s also a good chance of all this being just an over-analyzed thought in your head. So, how do you draw the line?

This article will help you understand if your boyfriend is serious about you or if he’s just dragging you along until he finds someone “better” according to his teeny tiny heart. If your relationship senses even a whiff of the signs mentioned below, pick up your heels and RUN!

1. He Doesn’t Like To Spend Time With You

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He’s always making excuses when you want to meet him. He never takes the initiative to plan your dates, unlike those days when he wanted you to fall for him. Even if you plan something, he mostly bails on you because there’s always an emergency or a convenient lie ready to be delivered right to your face. If your boyfriend doesn’t want to spend time with you, it either means you’re not very pleasant to him, or that being with you is at the bottom of his priority list.

2. He’s Not Interested In Your Daily Activities

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Are you the one who initiates and anchors your conversations? Do you often ask him more about his day and experiences while he doesn’t? Not everyone is a talkative partner and women are usually the ones who talk more in a relationship. But if your boyfriend seems least interested in how your day was, what you do, and what you like, he is bad news. Remember that you need a partner who gives you as much importance as you give them.

3. He Forgets The Important Days

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Forgetting someone’s birthday is okay. But you’re not supposed to be his someone! He’s your main man and he must remember dates that are important to you. If he tends to forget, but he cares, he would probably set a reminder or write it down somewhere so that he doesn’t forget. Trust us, it’s not that difficult. Also, important days need not be your birthday or an anniversary. Something as simple as your first day at a new job which is important to you should be important to him too.

4. He Doesn’t Call Back

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You’re the one who’s always calling and texting. The response from his side is pretty much like tofu—plain and unsatisfactory (no offence to the vegans)! Also, when you call him and he doesn’t pick up, he never calls back. You always have to call back later. Let’s assume that he is a busy man or he was at something when you were calling him, but wouldn’t he see your name in the call logs? You may wanna take this a sign and move on.

5. He Wants You Only When He Needs You

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He wants you when he’s upset or when he wants to sleep with you but he’s never there when you want him. There, straight and simple! When two people are dating casually, they both know that they are. But in your case, only he knows it because you’re totally into him. This is wrong and you should probably cut him out of your life.

6. He Doesn’t Like To Talk About The Future

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Girls always tend to daydream about their engagement ring and wedding gown the moment they fall in love with someone. They worry a little too much about the future so that they can spend their life with the person they love. Well, if you’ve been doing so but your boyfriend is all cold when you start talking about the future, that’s not good. A man who loves you honestly is never scared of admitting to you that he sees you in his future.

7. He Flirts With Other Women

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If he flirts with other women while he’s still your boyfriend, you should probably kick his ass! But ladies, remember, we don’t live in the archaic era, so healthy flirting is allowed, but that needs to be well within limits. It’s okay to find someone else attractive other than your partner but if he does something about it, he’s clearly out of the line. If he’s interested in other women, you should probably leave him with “other women”.

Like the good old saying goes, If he treats you like an option, leave him like a choice.

You are worthy of so much more and the right guy is almost around the corner. You just need to be patient and wait until you meet him.

What do you think should be done to those boyfriends who treat their girls as an option? Feel free to get creative in the comments section below!

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