7 Signs You Are Not Ready To Get Married Yet

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Marriage is a huge commitment. It’s something that sounds exciting and scary at the same time. And in tradition-laid countries like India, where a girl is supposed to leave her parents and family and go live with another family, it becomes a very emotional coaster ride. With so many changes happening around you, there are bound to be thoughts that become very questionable. It’s normal to experience mixed feelings at this time when your wedding is being discussed. But it’s very important to understand if all those emotions that you’re experiencing. Are they an outcome of the butterflies in your stomach or are they trying to tell you that you’ve taken the decision way too soon?

So, how do you decide if it’s happening too soon for you? Or if you feel you’re just not ready for it yet? We consulted some relationship experts and we’ve streamlined seven signs that are screaming and telling that you might just not be ready for marriage yet. Read on.

1. When It’s The Family And Friends Who Are Pressurizing You

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If you find yourself in the realms of getting married just because your grandmother said she wants to see her grand daughter’s wedding in her last days. Or if your mother blackmailed you into how it could mean the world to her. Or if you were scared by the relatives as you were running out of the brackets of marriageable age, then trust us, you’re just not ready for getting married yet.

Marriage is a milestone in one’s life and if you’re not imagining a beautiful life with your to-be husband, then you better step back.

2. You Still Haven’t Moved On From Your Ex

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Understand that marriage is a beautiful bond of two souls. It clearly isn’t something that you can consider as a rebound to get done with your past. So, if you’re still holding on to the memories of your past relationship or you haven’t had a peaceful breakup, then you should not be stepping into marriage yet. Your future husband deserves your love and care. If you’re holding on to somebody else’s love and care, you are doing injustice to your future husband.

3. You Don’t Feel Like Talking About The Future

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Marriage isn’t even a long-term relationship; it’s, in fact, a lifetime one. It’s a long future with your man and therefore, it requires some basic planning. For example, where are you both going to settle, what will your investments be, etc. And if you’re not in the mood to discuss these with your future hubby, then you shouldn’t be marrying. Marriage is an exciting journey if you cannot feel the excitement, then please, just don’t do it!

4. You Don’t Want To Share Your Money

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Of course, not all couples these days have joint finances. However, we cannot deny that finances also play a major role in a marriage. And if you find yourself not ready to share an economic unity with your partner, this could be a negative indication. An indication that shows you’re not a hundred percent committed to your partner yet. And if that’s the case, steer clear from the word ‘marriage.’

5. You Agreed To Marry Him Based On The Superficial Things

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First of all, when you choose a partner, you need to do so based on the vibes, how happy you feel with them, and most importantly if you see a future with them. If you’re marrying that person just because he owns a coffee estate or has enough bank balance that will help you live a royal life, then you shouldn’t be marrying. Core values and life goals together must matter. You all must know that money that’s with you today will be gone tomorrow. Marriage isn’t a money funding relationship after all.

6. You Aren’t In Love With Yourself

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Everybody out there has some or the other personal issue to deal with. But one needs to come in terms with all the problems and fall in love with oneself. Only when you love yourself will you be able to share your love with another human. It’s very important to know how wonderful you are and then make your partner feel wonderful too. Similarly, your partner will be able to love you if you love yourself first, right?

7. You Aren’t Ready Simply Because Your Gut Says So

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At times, believing your gut is like the smartest thing to do. And if you feel that your gut is repeatedly signaling you that you’re not doing the right thing, then just don’t do it! Yes, getting married will make you feel anxious most time of the day. But if you have a nagging gut feeling, then maybe it’s something you shouldn’t ignore. Accept that you’re not ready.

Remember that feeling that you’re ready to roll into marriage needs a lot of introspection and some soul-searching too. It’s a personal decision. So, say “I do” only if you really want to. Don’t you agree? Let us know in the comments section below.

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