11 Signs You Have The Coolest Parents

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Our parents are our very first best friends. We played with them, sang with them, and danced with them all our childhood. But, when we grew up, we made new friends and parents became just “parents.” One of the main reasons why we lose touch of that good old friendship is the fact that we start to have differences in opinion with your parents. While you fail to understand things from their point of view, they find it difficult to accept your take on things. However, some parents are good at upgrading themselves with time. These are the parents to whom you can talk about anything, including the guy you like and your first kiss. If you’re wrong, they might talk to you, but they’ll never force you to do anything that you don’t want to. Do you think your parents are cool? The list below will help you find that out! Let’s dive in.

1. They Don’t Choose Your Career

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All the parents in India can be categorized into two. On one hand, there is the category of parents that force their child to get into engineering or medical field, and on the other, the humble section that encourages their kids to choose a career of their choice. If your parents guide you and let you choose what you like to do with your career, they’re amazing!

2. They Encourage Your Talents

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Many parents tend to cut down their child’s dance classes or art supplies to make enough room for multiple tuition classes into their schedule. Also, some parents forcefully teach their kid music, even if he/she loves to dance. If your parents encourage you to do what you like, you’re a really lucky kid.

3. They Get Along With Your Friends

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If your friends love to hang out at your place because your mom makes yummy treats for them and your dad shares his funny stories with them, trust us, you’re folks are gems.

4. They Don’t Force You To Get Married

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Just like the career option, some parents have the tendency to force kids into marriage as well. But, this isn’t the case for all parents. Some of them really talk to their kids in detail about the commitment and responsibilities that are involved in a marriage. If you have cool parents, they’re going to tell you to get married when you feel you’re ready.

5. They Encourage You To Find Your Own Girl/ Guy

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Your mom and dad are the coolest if they tease you about your crush or girlfriend. They will surely understand when you find someone that you want to spend your life with and probably wouldn’t force you to get into an arranged marriage if you don’t like it.

6. They Have Super-exciting Sagas Of Their Youth


Most of us only get to listen to our parents’ old stories when they are mad at us or want to remind us of how ungrateful we are to have taken our resources lightly. Of course, they are valuable. but it would be awesome if our parents shared the fun stuff from their wild days, wouldn’t it? Stories of getting in trouble and tiptoeing out of them are a different kind of wisdom that cool parents impart to their children (wink)!

7. They Are Open About Lovemaking

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Well, there is a time when we thought that we were gifted to our parents by god (probably in a wrapped box). But when we grow up, we often seek answers about physical intimacy from outsiders. Many of us feel uncomfortable in discussing the topic with our parents because our parents teach us that it’s something secretive. If you have really cool parents, you’ll get to learn about physical relationships and body changes right at home.

8. They’re Proud Of You


Your parents will always appreciate you not just in front of others (like many do when they compare their kid’s grades) but also when it’s just you. Wouldn’t it be amazing if your parents told you how they actually felt about your achievements openly? That’s the best encouragement any person can get.

9. They Encourage You To Travel

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Your folks want you to explore and learn from real experiences in life rather than from textbooks and the internet. They’ll encourage you to travel, meet new people, and learn new skills that may have the potential to make you a better and bigger person.

10. They Always Try To Keep Up With The New Gen

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They might not be very tech-savvy, but they’ll always try to learn new things and keep up with you. Even before you know about the new update of a particular social media app, your mom would start talking about it. Wouldn’t that be fantastic (if she doesn’t stalk you)?

11. They Always Have Your Back

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Last but not least, your parents always have your back. You know that you can run to them when you’re in trouble or when you’re down. You feel the connection close enough to share everything with them and with the hope that they are going to understand.

Our parents may not always appreciate us or support us. And, they might not even have the above characteristics. But at the end of the day, they’re our parents, and there’s nobody in this world who will love us as selflessly as them. Now, isn’t that pretty cool? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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