If You Notice Any Of These 13 Telltale Signs, You May Have A Thyroid Problem

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Most people push minor health issues to the backburner until they become serious and unmanageable. Or they keep on dilly-dallying, rather than finding a cure for it. It is unfortunate that lack of awareness can also lead to unnecessary and mindless suffering.

One such health problem that has afflicted millions of people is the thyroid issue. Its effects are so commonplace that most people don’t even realize that they may have an issue on their hands. Isn’t that mind-boggling?

Read on to find what could be the signs and symptoms of thyroid related problems. If you think that the below-mentioned pointers indicate your experience, meet a doctor and get the needed tests done immediately.

1. Feeling Cold

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Do you experience cold and chills even when others around you look fine? You could blame it on your thyroid that is probably not functioning properly. The thyroid gland controls the hormones that regulate the body temperature, and if there is something strangely wrong or peculiar in terms of your tolerance to cold, it’s time for a check.

2. Menstrual Irregularities

The hormones responsible for regulating periods are governed by the thyroid gland. If your periods come earlier or later or multiple times, it is better to get a diagnosis done to make sure that the thyroid is working properly.

3. Melancholy

In general, depression or feeling low is attributed to poor mental health. But that need not be the case. There seems to be a deep link between physical well-being and sound mental state. If you feel your depression becoming chronic, the problem may lie in your thyroid glands.

4. Low Memory

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Do you get confused or forget things often? A dysfunctional thyroid gland can cause problems related to memory and retention (1). Sometimes, it may get intense, and may lead to dementia like cases. Not only this, but it also affects the clarity of thinking and judgment.

5. Irregular Bowel Syndrome

The thyroid gland largely affects the metabolism of the body. Where lower thyroid activity can cause constipation, a hyperactive gland can cause frequent motions or even diarrhea.

6. Continuous Perspiration

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Do you find yourself sweating more often as compared to others? Being drenched even after a little workout or wiping hands before handshakes could be a classic symptom of an overactive thyroid. It can lead to excessive sweating, leaving the person somewhat embarrassed. So, it is a good idea to get checked for the same.

7. Hyperactivity

If you feel an extra dash of energy and are quite an impulsive being, it might be a play of excessive thyroid activity. It may cause a person to feel more zealous as the normal metabolic function goes for a toss. Not only that, but an abnormal thyroid function has also been linked to ADHD in children (2).

8. Sleeplessness

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Hyperthyroidism can cause the nervous system to be overstimulated. This, in turn, can result in issues like insomnia, sleep apnea, and night sweating. Such considerable loss of night rest can make a person inactive and lethargic during the day.

9. Weight Issues

People who have lower thyroid activity have a lower metabolism. Therefore, they experience weight gain and also have problems shedding the extra pounds.

10. Thinning Hair

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Both overactive and underactive thyroid activity can lead to hair loss. It generally involves thinning of hair in the whole scalp, and not at any particular spot. It is beneficial to get the treatment done on time as it may take many months for the hair to grow back, and in some cases, it doesn’t grow back entirely like before.

11. Low Sex Drive

Sexual issues are common in cases of thyroid malfunction, affecting both men and women. It is because lower thyroid activity means lower sex hormones released in the body, resulting in lower libido. Though there isn’t conclusive evidence regarding the extent, studies have shown that treatment of thyroid can lead to better sexual experiences.

12. Dry Skin

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If the thyroid activity is low, so is the metabolic activity. This causes your skin to turn cold, pale, and dry. Sometimes, the drying of skin can be so intense that it even prevents sweating. Such dryness also leads to wrinkling, eczema, and the skin turning pale ivory. It is also said to affect the scalp (3).

13. Dysphagia Or Difficulty In Swallowing

Thyroid problems can result in the thyroid gland becoming enlarged in the area of the neck. Since there is an increase in the organ size, it restricts the smooth functioning of the esophagus. This can lead to issues related to swallowing and make it a painful affair. It also causes considerable discomfort in the neck.

These were some important markers that will help you identify if there is any impaired thyroid activity in your body. Though they may not be fatal, nevertheless, they are quite bothersome. So, if you are troubled by any of the above symptoms on a regular basis, get your thyroid test done at the soonest.

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