9 Subtle Signs That Your Ex Boyfriend Misses You

Written by Ivanna Quilley

Breaking up is never easy. Everyone has, at some point, been heartbroken and left wondering where they went wrong. If you’re here, then chances are that you, too, have just experienced a particularly painful breakup. When a relationship ends, there are a lot of questions that are left unanswered. More often than not, we long for our ex and the past relationship. We look to find answers and closure. Sometimes we even go searching for clues that our ex-boyfriend misses us. We’re all guilty of stalking their social media accounts in an attempt to see if the break up is affecting them as much or if they have moved on for good. If you’re here, then chances are you have your doubts. A lot of times, it takes knowing that they are entirely done with the relationship to be able to move on finally.

Your friends can talk to you until they’re blue in the face, but if the question of is your relationship over for good is left unanswered, then it’s hard to move on. If your ex still misses you, then perhaps there’s a chance of you both getting back and making the relationship work. This time for good. Here are a few ways to know if your absence is killing your ex-boyfriend or if he has moved on.

Sign 1: He Fights To Keep The Conversation Going


After a breakup, couples tend to go their own ways. It’s quite reasonable if you both have decided to end up communication at least for a while. Talking to each other is bound to become less regular. If your ex can’t seem to stay away from you and keeps initiating contact, then chances are you’re on his mind. Another give away is when he fights to keep the conversation going even when you have ended it. If he makes up excuses to talk to you, then chances are he misses you.

Sign 2: He Calls You Frequently


It is quite common for an ex-boyfriend to call you frequently after a breakup. Sometimes the calls are more frequent than when you were in a relationship with him. Some ex-boyfriends can even get friends to call and check up on you.

Sign 3: He Reminisces, A Lot


Another sign that your ex can’t get over you is when he brings up the past a lot. He loves to look back and reminisce about the good times you’ll share. Chances are these memories are playing on his mind, and he is attempting to pull on your heartstrings by bringing them up.

Sign 4: You Keep Running Into Him


Sure, accidental run-ins do occur, but if you suddenly start seeing your ex popping up at places he knew you would be at, then chances are he’s planned them. Watch to see how he reacts when he sees you. If he tries to initiate contact or doesn’t look startled to see you there, then chances are he was expecting you.

Sign 5: He Is Curious About Your Love Life


If your ex-boyfriend seems overly curious about your love life and constantly questions your relationship status, then chances are he’s already imagining you moving on, and it is bothering him.

Sign 6: He Is Jealous


Watch how he reacts when another man pays attention to you. If he seems overly possessive about you, then he still harbors feelings for you. When your ex starts missing you, he gets excessively possessive of you. He still hopes the relationship could work out, and this can’t happen if there’s another man involved. This tears him apart, and he becomes jealous.

Sign 7: He Conveys Hidden Messages Through Social Media


If your ex was the kind of person who rarely used his social media, but all of a sudden, he starts posting Instagram stories and posts with quotes or lyrics of the song you both slow danced to, he’s probably missing your company. In some cases, they can even go to the extent of posting old pictures of you both that you took when you were a happy couple. Other times, he’ll start stalking old photos of you both. You know when the notification that he liked a picture from 10 months ago pops up that he is missing you and is trying to get your attention.

Sign 8: He Gets Blushy When You Compliment Him


Let’s first hope that your boyfriend gave you plenty of compliments when you both were together. Now, if you’re unsure if he misses you or not, try complimenting his new haircut or shirt. If he appears thrilled to have received a compliment from you, then he’s probably still hung up on you and craving your affection.

Sign 9: He Isn’t Seeing Anyone New


When you finally move on and start seeing someone new, your ex will go from crazy to critical. No matter who the new guy is, he just doesn’t seem good enough to be with you, and your ex very vocally expresses this belief. He’ll start pinpointing the poor guy’s flaws hoping you’d dump him. With the new guy out of the way, your ex has a stronger chance of getting back with you.
Even if your ex does miss you before you get back with him, do give it a thought. Ensure that the relationship you’re getting back to is a healthy one that will make you happy. If then give it a chance, and if it isn’t, then it’s time to say “boy, bye.”

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