5 Signs Your Personality Might Be Intimidating To Others

by Niharika Nayak

Sometimes we display certain traits that might not necessarily be adding plus points to our personality. It’s not that we want to be nasty towards others, it’s just that we can’t help but display these traits. In some cases you may notice yourself pushing people you love away from you because of these very traits. On the other hand, you might visualize these traits as positive but it starts to affect someone’s perception of you. Here are a couple of traits that might not necessarily be very negative, but tend to drive people away:

1. You’re Brutally Honest


Honesty is something you consider essential for any relationship, be it work, romantic or even platonic relationships. You’re extremely honest with those around you, even if it means telling them the cold hard truth or being extremely blunt and hurting their feelings. You never sugarcoat something and don’t really care about delivering the message in the right way. If someone asks for your opinion you’re often overly critical and blunt with them and they might get upset easily. However, it’s not all negative. Your honest nature makes you the best secret keeper on the block! When you make promises to other people, you keep them. This can sometimes draw the envy of those who are less honest. After all, you can’t have any secrets if you’re an open book.

2. Small Talk Isn’t Your Thing


Everyone in the professional world knows that a little small talk is required before you get straight to business. Not you though. You can’t stand the idea of wasting time chitter chattering about your personal lives or how your day is going. Small talk seems extremely pointless to you and you’d rather get straight to the point than sit and discuss smaller and more irrelevant details. As a result of this attitude, you skip the banter and dive right into the topic at hand. Thus, you don’t get to know your colleagues or business partners very well and may come across as rude and cold. Since most people use small talk as a way to break the ice, it’s best not to skip it. If you feel uncomfortable indulging in it and feel like you are wasting too much time on it, keep it short and crisp. This will help others warm up to you and open up to the idea of communicating with you.

3. You Can’t Tolerate Ignorant People


While you’re the type of person who likes to keep an open mind and are all about learning new things and gaining new experiences, not everyone can safely say the same. And so when you meet people who behave in an extremely judgmental manner, it really can get on your nerves. For this very reason, you try your best to avoid any kind of confrontation with these types of people. In worse scenarios, you end up holding back and losing your temper with the person and getting overly emotional. While it’s completely alright to have zero tolerance towards ignorance, sometimes you just have to let certain things go. Sometimes people simply don’t like being dragged out of their comfort zone so they feel threatened when you challenge them or they might perceive you as a threat.

4. You Can’t Stand People Who Complain


If there’s one thing you cannot tolerate, it’s people who make excuses and don’t deal with their problems. You know the type, the kind of people who have excuses at their fingertips like you have pizza on your speed dial. You can’t stand when people wallow in their self pity and refuse to lift themselves up and get on with life. Be it small excuses like, “I got late because of traffic” or bigger ones like, “I forgot to add those images to today’s presentation because I was feeling sick.” For you, working with these types of people feels like a total waste of time. People might perceive you as cold and ruthless, but you know better. The best way to deal with this is to have an upfront and honest conversation with the person about this. Express why it’s not okay to keep using excuses in a professional setting and ask them to explain what exactly the problem is.

5. You Keep Comparing Your Work With Others


It’s okay to admit that you’re a perfectionist and you can do things very well, but when you work in a professional environment, you have to be a team player. If you have a certain idea about how you want the project to turn out it’s okay to put things onto the table. But what is not okay is comparing how you would have done it yourself to the final product that the person has put time, thought and effort into. Sure, you might genuinely believe your version would be better than someone else’s but considering it’s a team effort you have to be more open-minded and willing to accept your own flaws.

All in all, it’s okay to be different from others and not be everyone’s cup of tea. But at the same time, you must be willing to accept your flaws and issues and sort those out. When it comes to your professional life, certain kinds of behavior can be considered off-putting and we can only move further and higher up on the career chain if we work on ourselves first. Let us know all your thoughts in the comments below.

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Niharika Nayak

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