9 Simple Tips Help You Get The Manicure Of Your Dreams

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The popularity of nail art and deluxe manicures have increased manifolds in recent years. Most parlors and salons now have the facilities of manicure and nail art. So, if you have been thinking of getting a professional manicure done for the longest time, your wait ends here. However, before you book an appointment, there are several things we would like for you to know. Read on to know some manicure hacks to ensure you get the manicure you love!

1. Don’t Hesitate To Tell The Professional If You Don’t Like The Design

The Professional If You Don't Like The Design
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It is possible that the technician paints one of your nails red at your request, but now you see that green or perhaps blue would better fit you. Do not be reluctant to express a change of heart. If you want to do things right, do it from the start of the process, not after you’re halfway done. Try to inform the manicurist or artist at the earliest so there is no loss of time.

2. Don’t Move Your Fingers Around Or Fidget During The Manicure

Fidget During The Manicure
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Some customers believe they can aid technicians by guiding their hands and fingers in a specific direction. But this is not true. The best thing we can do is to allow your technician to take control of your hand and move it as they see fit. So just relax and take a walk down the memory lane!

3. Put Your Phone Away

Put Your Phone Away
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Obviously, if the phone rings at a crucial moment, you should stop whatever you’re doing and answer the urgent call. But it’s not a good idea to constantly check your phone, whether for texts, social media, or gaming. There’s the risk of ruining your brand-new manicure. Your technician can also become sidetracked, which would extend the time it takes to complete the process.

4. Keep Your Nails Long Before Visiting The Salon

Keep Your Nails Long Before Visiting The Salon
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The length of your nails is something you need to think about. A nail artist is someone who creates beautiful designs on your nails. However, working with very short nails is much more challenging than long slender nails.

5. It Is Perfectly Fine To Do Your Manicure At Home

It Is Perfectly Fine To Do Your Manicure At Home
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Doing your own nail care at home is perfectly fine. Moisturize your cuticles and mend a minor damaged nail at home. But please wait until after your appointment with the technician to push your cuticles. Manicures are not recommended unless you have any gaping wounds or scrapes, as the delicate skin around your nails is easily injured.

6. Never Try To Take Gel Polish Off On Your Own

Gel Polish Off On Your Own
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If you attempt to strip gel polish, you risk weakening or damaging your nail plates. Your nail tech won’t be happy to see your unclipped nails. Instead, they are paid to ensure that your fingernails are in pristine condition.

7. Be Sure Of The Color And Design That You Want Before Booking An Appointment

manicure appointment
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You should go into a manicure appointment with a clear idea of the look you want to achieve. Unfortunately, it is possible to devote only a little time in the manicure salon deciding between the hundreds of nail paint colors and dozens of different nail decorations.

8. Get A Reference Image Of The Design To Show To The Technician

Design To Show To The Technician
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Because of the inherent differences in approach across technicians, it is quite improbable that they will only be able to faithfully produce the design you present if it’s really intricate. Even so, the picture will help them better grasp your intended nail design. In fact, some technicians go as far as to request that customers bring in photos of the finished product they have their eyes on.

9. Don’t Bring Kids To The Salon If Possible

Kids To The Salon
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Try not to bring kids along, even if your nail expert works from home. For starters, a child shouldn’t be near when you remove nail paint since they risk breathing in harmful chemicals and dust. Second, young children tend to be inquisitive and may grasp onto anything they find intriguing, including a technician’s sharp instruments. However, some salons provide a unique space for kids. Locate a salon like this if you cannot leave your little one alone at home.

So now that you know exactly what the tips are to get that dream manicure, nothing can stop your nails from looking their best. Make sure you supplement your nails properly and don’t overdo the nail art so your nails can stay healthy. So, what is your secret to maintaining healthy nails? Let us know in the comments section!

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