Simple Twisted Side Hairstyle That You Can Do in Less Than 2 Minutes

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Different hairstyles are a perfect way to sport various personality types. A diva, a geek, a goddess, an artist – all these characters can be revealed in one individual with just a little change in hairdo. That’s how powerful hair can be.

Surely, creating styles for your hair can be time consuming. You don’t have an hour to spend in the parlour, that’s a given. The clock is ticking and you have less than 15 minutes to have your coffee, wear your shoes, and tie your hair. You could have your drink on the way, but how do you step out with your hair screaming for attention? Fear not, all you need is a couple of minutes, and a few bobby pins to work the magic of smooth twisting in order to liven up the mood.

Ready to perfect your hair without any hassle? Walk into a restaurant or an office and let this quick hairdo cheer you up without disappointing. Check out this video to learn how to beautify your hair in less than two minutes!

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