5 Simple Ways To Increase Hair Density

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What feels worse than a breakup? Hair fall! There is nothing more heart-wrenching than seeing your hair bid adieu to your scalp in clusters. The thinning gets to you when your scrunchies are too big for the tiny diameter of your ponytail. The few reasons that lead to poor hair quality are rapid lifestyle change, increased stress levels, and environmental aggressors. They result in common hair nightmares like premature greying and thinning. Wish there was a way to improve your hair density? Well, you are in luck! Here are some pro tips that will bring back the radiance of your hair while keeping it dense!

 1. Natural Remedies

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Holding back from experimenting with our hair is a big resolution that we seldom keep! Figuring out the perfect hair product takes a lot of trial and error with numerous brands. The only way to save our hair from looking like the bi-product of a chemistry lab is to resort to natural products. This way, we can keep the hidden harmful chemicals from fraying our hair. Here are some natural ingredients to shop for!

  •  Fenugreek seeds
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The best ingredient to look for is fenugreek seeds. You can either use them in a hair mask or soak the seeds overnight and drink the strained water in the morning. They are packed with vitamin C and iron that shield our hair from drying out, hence taking care of hair loss.

  • Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera
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Another age-old ingredient is Aloe Vera. It has nourishing properties that build hair density when massaged gently on the scalp regularly.

  • Apple cider vinegar
Aloe Vera
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Apple cider vinegar maintains the imbalance of acids on the scalp and prevents hair loss. Always remember to dilute it with water and gently rinse your hair with it after shampooing.

Pro tip: Using ingredients rich in iron, vitamin C, and protein helps your hair grow faster and healthier.

2. A Wholesome Diet

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Truth be told, no hair product or remedy can make your hair grow if you ignore your diet. A perfect diet for healthy hair would include protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, fats, and fibers. In addition, you can go for natural supplements like vitamin C tablets to give an edge to your diet and help your hair grow thicker and longer.

Pro tip- Even though genetics have a big part to play in your hair quality and texture, there is absolutely nothing a healthy diet cannot reverse!

3. Supplements Are Important

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Every individual’s nutritional needs are different, and fulfilling them with a good diet alone is not easy. Ordinary supplements like collagen, biotin, and vitamins A, B, and C can fulfill your nutritional requirements and can show excellent results in a week alone.

Pro Tip: Even though supplements flood the market and are easy to get, stick to plant-based vitamin extracts from popular brands.

4. De-Stress Yourself

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Stress, being a real damaging problem, also triggers the immune system, making your hair fall out in clusters. Therefore, keeping your anxiety in check is essential. The easiest and foolproof solutions are yoga and meditation. Several poses improve blood circulation and activate dormant hair follicles in your head, improving hair growth. In addition, you can invest in physical activities that not only exercise your body but keep you engaged mentally. They also distract you from any stress.

Pro tip: Invest your time in practicing simple yoga poses that improve your hair quality.

5. Consult A Specialist

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An alarming decline in your hair thickness can be a sign of illness. If you feel following a good diet and de-stressing yourself is not providing any significant relief, it is best to take professional help. A hair specialist will evaluate your problem and figure out if there is an underlying disease. The deep-seated causes of hair fall can be arthritis, depression, or cancer. Only a specialist can help diagnose the problems accurately and provide a legitimate solution for them (1).

Pro tip: Before reaching any conclusion on your own, let the specialist decide what medications will help you eradicate your problem.

6. Get A Trim Every Two Months

Get A Trim Every Two Months
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Not trimming your hair regularly can cause split ends that eventually make hair look thin and lifeless. Split ends are the inlet to excessive hair damage. Cutting your hair promotes faster hair growth and keeps your hair voluminous and thick. If you use hair styling products that involve heat, make sure you get your hair treated every month to maintain your hair’s luster.

Pro Tip: Even though peeling your split ends apart may give you momentary satisfaction, do not do it! Instead, cut off the ends with a sharp scissor before they split any more.

That is the list of things to do to make your hair more voluminous. With a little TLC and lots of self-love, you too can flaunt your hair like Rapunzel. Do you have any secret hair care tips? Leave a comment in the box below.

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