7 Mistakes That Result In Skin Imperfections!

Written by Ivanna Quilley

Flawless skin is often coveted by women and men all over the world. People flock to supermarkets and beauty parlors and try the most modern treatments in an attempt to achieve this flawless skin. A lot of us spend hour after hour searching the internet looking for ways we can achieve natural-glowy skin. Sometimes our own habits can prevent us from achieving this flawless skin. Without realizing a lot of us partake in behaviors that are actually harmful for our skin and prevents it from looking its best. That’s why we have got you a list of 7mistakes you may be making, when it comes to skincare.

1. Eating Junk Food


Almost everyone has struggled with acne at some point in their life, and it must come as no surprise to most of us that there is a strong relationship between a poor diet and breaking out with acne. Fatty acids have been linked to the development of acne, and while we can’t treat acne by only a change in the diet, we can definitely prevent it by eating right and being conscious of what we put into our bodies (1). Drinking lots of water and eating right can go a long way in improving our overall health as well as the appearance of our skin.

2. Using A Towel


When wiping your face, choose a towel that is made from soft, absorbent material. Always use different towels for the body and face. And if you live with other people, don’t share towels. Wash your towel regularly and always dry it out after use. A better option than a towel is hand towels or paper towels. These can be disposed off or washed easily and therefore are much more hygienic. If you opt for a towel, make sure it is washed regularly, and when wiping your face, always be as gentle as possible with it. Gently dabbing your face till it is dry is better than vigorously wiping it.

3. Stepping Out Without Moisturizer And Sun Screen


Sunscreen is a must for women of all ages. As long as the sun is up, your skin is vulnerable to the harmful UV rays. These rays can age and damage skin, and that’s why applying sunscreen should become a habit and be applied without fail (2). If you’re someone who has oily, greasy skin, then go for a lightweight sunscreen. There are several sunscreens available in the market that has been designed for more oily skins and which won’t make you look greasy. Use a suitable moisturizer before you sleep. This will prevent your skin from drying out. A good option is to try a moisturizer that contains SPF. This way, your skin is both hydrated and well protected from the sun.

4. Not Changing Your Pillow Case


Your hair contains a lot of germs and dirt. When we lay our head on our pillowcase, it is our face that also comes in contact with the dirt. That’s why we must change our pillowcases regularly. If you want to play it safe, opt for some cotton cloths. These can be placed on your pillow before you sleep and can be changed regularly with ease. This prevents the accumulation of dirt on your pillow. Always tie up hair before sleeping and make sure you wash it regularly.

5. Not Shielding Your Face From The Sun


It is not enough that we wear sunscreen. On sunny days we must shield our skin from the sun. This is when hats, caps, scarfs, and umbrellas can come in handy. Not just are they great fashion statements, but they will also help protect your skin.

6. Not Exercising Regularly


Regular exercise can help prevent aging (3). Exercise is about the most frequently recommended therapies. Not just is it a great way to maintain your figure and health, it is also an excellent way to prevent and even treat some diseases (4). Exercise has also been shown to boost mood and mental health and help patients suffering from mood disorders such as depression and anxiety (5). By maintaining better health, our skin is bound to look better. And with our mental health taken care of, it is easier to stick to healthy foods and not indulge in foods that are bad for our health and skin.

7. Touching Our Face


Constantly fidgeting and touching the face can transfer germs from the hands onto the face. This is not good for our skin. Worse is when you pick a pimple or a zit. Although this can be extremely satisfying, picking at our face will cause scarring and further damage our skin. That’s why we have been told since the time of puberty to leave zits alone. Whenever you do apply a moisturizer or sunscreen to your face, ensure your hands are clean and properly washed.

It is time we began paying special attention to our skin. It is the part of the body that is most noticeable, and therefore we should be extra careful. A lot of the tips we have included in this article will not just improve the health of your skin but also your overall health. Let us know in the comments section if this article was helpful.

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