10 Small Details That Can Ruin Even The Most Stylish Outfits

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Looking fashionable is an art, and knowing how to style your clothes correctly can transform you into a diva. In the same way, even a tiny dressing mistake can ensure that all your efforts are in vain. Imagine wearing the perfect outfit, but the seams don’t match the color of your fabric, or the zipper looks cheap! Sheer nightmare, isn’t it? When it comes to clothes, even the tiniest details matter. So we need to check what we buy and how we wear them. In this article are some details you need to know to keep your wardrobe fashionable and updated. Read on to know them all.

1. You Wear The Wrong Tights

You Wear The Wrong Tights
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Even a small detail like this may make a big difference to your outfit. Large prints on otherwise transparent tights give the impression of bulkier legs and a lower-quality material. Traditional tights without any designs look great but have their drawbacks. Avoiding tights made of shiny material and opting for a color that compliments your shoes are two styling tips that will help your legs look longer. Black tights with dark shoes are the one combo that will never go out of style.

2. The Color Of The Seams Of Your Bag Doesn’t Match

The Color Of The Seams Of Your Bag Doesn't Match
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The seam color is a good indicator of the quality and authenticity of a bag. Manufacturers of low-priced accessories sometimes overlook such “little things,” leading to an overall shoddy appearance of the bag. So the next time you shop for a bag, check the color of the seams and the stitch quality before making the purchase.

3. See-Through Pockets

See-Through Pockets
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Manufacturers in the current era look for ways to save costs wherever possible. Finding clothes that are 100% wool, silk, or cotton is no guarantee that the fabric is of high quality. When your pockets show through your clothing, it might make your clothes appear cheap. So that is one way to know if your clothes are from a reputed brand or not.

4. Gaping Shirt Buttons

Gaping Shirt Buttons
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There are two potential causes for a gap when one wears a buttoned blouse. You either ordered the wrong size, or the maker skimped on quality (maybe by sewing the buttons backward), or both.

5. Elastic Belts

Elastic Belts
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Thin leather and simple belts for the waist may be rather stylish. A belt measuring between half an inch and two inches broad will work well with the vast majority of your clothing options. A wide elastic belt, on the other hand, is a poor choice since it may expand and lose its shape over time, making it seem sloppy and cheap. Experts say that wide-waist belts were all the rage in the year 2006, but that this trend thankfully died out in the decade that followed.

6. You Wear Flimsy Zippers

You Wear Flimsy Zippers
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Zippers are a good way to tell if something is genuine or not. Authentic products will feature higher-quality zippers. Balenciaga’s will be branded with Lampo or BDior’s will be branded with DIOR, and Gucci’s will state GUCCI on the underside of the zipper heads.

7. You Add A Lot Of Embellishments On Your Clothes

You Add A Lot Of Embellishments On Your Clothes
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Clothing with too many decorations might seem tacky. Added ruffled rivets, bows, rhinestones, and frills may look even the most costly and sophisticated of garments cheap. Things that seem straightforward and conventional are actually rather chic. Also, invest in some high-quality accessories to really set off your outfit.

8. You Don’t Update Your Charm Bracelets

You Don’t Update Your Charm Bracelets
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Once upon a time, charm bracelets were the must-have item for chic women everywhere. Nowadays, though, fashionable armbands have taken their place. You may get them in a variety of materials, from leather to metal, with or without fringe.

9. You Never Try On Different Clothing Sizes

You Never Try On Different Clothing Sizes
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Sizes vary greatly depending on the retailer, brand, and item, as any woman who shops high and fast fashion knows. It’s very uncommon for a lady to be a size 2 at Stella McCartney but a Large for Forever 21 because of the disparity in sizing between the two brands. Don’t worry about the scale so much as the way things feel and fit on your body.

10. You Shop To Look Good On Instagram

You Shop To Look Good On Instagram
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Unfortunately, it’s safe to presume that in today’s society, you’d buy anything just to brag about it. To what extent does your desire to flaunt your affluence motivate you to purchase that Balenciaga bag? Will you be capable of appreciating those Jimmy Choo heels without bragging about them on Instagram? If you answered “no,” you may want to reconsider your buying practices.

So now that you know what tiny details in your clothes give you away, you can avoid them to look absolutely stunning. Make sure you dress comfortably so you can enjoy what you choose to wear. So, would you like to add anything to our list? Let us know in the comments section!

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