11 Small Dressing Mistakes That Are Keeping You From Looking Youthful

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Those who can look at a mirror and confidently say, “I could easily pass off as sweet 16!” are so lucky. Everyone is entitled to how they want to dress and carry themselves, but if you want to look younger (even for an occasion), we have some dressing tricks that may help you. While we mostly hold genetics responsible for our youthful appearance, several other things can also make you look younger.

So, if you want to know how to look more youthful, here are some common dressing mistakes you ought to let go of. Keep reading to learn more!

Mistake 1: Wearing Vintage Jewelry

Large gem sets may give the impression of enormous hands. The most significant problem is that wearing such jewelry will transport you back in time, and you may look like a time traveler who is over 100 years old!

Mistake 2: Wearing Cosmetics Extensively

Wearing Cosmetics Extensively
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Using too many cosmetics might make one seem older. Smokey eyes, crimson lips, and cheekbone highlights aren’t all necessary, even if you’re going for an edgy appearance. Too much makeup may even make you appear untidy.

Mistake 3: Wearing A Large Collar

Many people choose these collars throughout the fall and winter months, even though they make them appear older. It’s cumbersome, and it’s tough to maintain proper proportions when styling it. Additionally, it has an overall aesthetic that recalls a bygone period.

Mistake 4: Wearing Deep Wine Color Clothes

Wearing Deep Wine Color Clothes
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If you want to seem younger, avoid wearing dark colors like burgundy and go for brighter tones instead. A light top or sweater layered over a pair of burgundy slacks or a skirt is a traditional combination. The balanced use of color has been carefully crafted to elongate and brighten the wearer. Put something lighter and brighter around your face if you’re wearing a burgundy shirt, such as a white shirt, scarf, or small collar.

Mistake 5: Maintaining Puffy Hair

Even for the youngest girls, voluminous hairstyles aren’t always the way to go if you want to look younger. This type of hairstyling may draw attention to your wrinkles and fine lines, distort your facial features, and make you look older.

Mistake 6: Wearing Timeless Attire

Wearing Timeless Attire
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Tweed and tapestry are two fabrics that will always age a woman’s appearance. Such garments automatically evoke thoughts of antiquity, so tread carefully. Wearing patterned clothes, which can elongate the body, is not a good idea either. Instead, choose solid colors and simple designs.

Mistake 7: Putting Your Chin Down

Because the facial and neck muscles atrophy from constant tiling, the skin “slips” down, resulting in a double chin and wrinkles. The face also takes on a sorrowful expression, which ages a person visually. That’s why it’s important to keep your head up when you’re on the go, whether you’re walking, typing, or talking on the phone. You’ll develop a routine, and then you won’t have to think twice about doing it.

Mistake 8: Wearing Mother-Of-Pearl Lipstick

Wearing Mother-Of-Pearl Lipstick
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A woman’s wrinkle count and the downward turn of her lip corners are indicators of her age. These lipsticks bring attention to the wrinkles and fine lines that come with aging.

Mistake 9: Wearing Bold Lip Color

Lips appear smaller in comparison to their true size when colored with dark tones. The lipsticks also tend to bleed over lip lines as we age since our lips get less plump and our lines become less defined.

Mistake 10: Outlining Lips

Outlining Lips
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Lip penciling is typically seen as a sign of advancing age. It also diminishes the appearance of the lips. Avoid a sharp lip contour if you want to seem younger. This will make your lips look natural. A second faux pas is leaving the lips uncorrected after covering them with a pencil. This dries out the lips, making wrinkles and cracks more noticeable. It’s preferable to simply apply some lip gloss.

Mistake 11: Carrying A Large Purse

Carrying A Large Purse
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Carrying around a massive purse that seems like it could hold an entire apartment doesn’t work well with young age. It will only make your shoulders hurt and it’s not very practical either. So make sure you carry a purse that is of a moderate size. Also, you can try carrying backpacks instead!

All said and done, clothing is a personal choice, and if you like wearing dark lipstick or carrying a big bag, no one can make you give up on them. But these tricks, when used carefully, will help you look younger in no time. So which of these tricks will you try first? Let us know in the comments section!

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