5 Social Media Habits That Could Mean Your Partner’s Cheating

by Shivani K

No matter how serious the relationship you’re a part of is, the thought of your partner cheating on you can linger on, right? It’s not that you are questioning his/her honesty towards you. It’s got to do more with the fact that we are only humans, and with the array of distractions that can lead anybody to step into the infidelity world—it’s just very very scary! And in this, it’s the social media that has to play an important role in the rise of infidelity between couples. And nope, it’s not about the likes on Facebook or Instagram, there’s a very thin link between social media and infidelity (1).

What can start of as a harmless conversation about appreciating a stranger’s content on a social site like Instagram can spiral into a whole legit cheating affair.

Social media paves the gateway to access other people easily; it also helps you get their attention much faster. We won’t say monitor every move of your partner online or that they might be cheating on you. But it’s a healthy thing to stay conscious and acknowledge if you ever happen to observe any of those first signs of infidelity. We’ve laid down a list that can indicate your partner is beginning to stray and also what you could do about the same. Give it a read because it is important!

1. When He’s Interacting With People He Barely Knows


It’s obvious that you cannot introduce all your friends to your partner at once. And when you happen to meet your friends alone and they’re constantly taking your partner’s name in between, especially when you’re aware that your partner hasn’t met them in person, then, this could be a very serious sign that your partner is beginning to walk on the lines of infidelity. It’s a sign that your partner has started having secretive conversations with your girlfriends.

When you find yourself in this situation, try to engage in conversations that could lead you to the truth. If your friend and your partner weren’t thinking of cheating, they’ll have a reasonable explanation.

2. Your Partner Ignores Your Comments And Tags


Earlier you’ve been tagging and commenting on each other’s posts actively. However, off late, if your partner isn’t even liking the posts on which you’ve tagged them. Or if they haven’t appreciated the gesture to you like they used to earlier, it’s a sign that something is fishy now between the two of you. It doesn’t necessarily have to mean that they’re cheating on you. It could also be a concern that your partner is losing interest in you. In such a situation, try to spice things between the two of you. Try to walk down the memory lane that you both share.

3. When Your Partner Seems To Like And Comment Regularly On A Particular Pearson’s Post


It’s okay if your partner likes and comments on all your friends’ posts on social media. But, if there’s a pattern in which your partner constantly likes a particular person’s posts only. And also runs the comments like it were a commentary, then it could be a red flag.

In situations like these you don’t have to confront your partner and ask the true intentions of such an online behavior. We’d suggest that you take a non-threatening approach and question their agenda behind it. By doing so, you at least make your partner understand that he cannot do anything wrong to you as you are alert.

4. When Your Partner Makes Plans Without You


There’s nothing more painful and cringe-worthy than finding pictures of your partner on social media at an event or gathering that you never heard about or was talked about. This can be termed as a shady behavior and it’s not at all okay.

Agreed that it’s always healthy to ensure that two people in a relationship have their own world outside the relationship. But keeping each other informed about its whereabouts is very important. You can ask your partner to keep you informed and be honest that you were hurt that he hid things from you.

5. When Your Partner Doesn’t Post Pictures Of The Two Of You Together On Social Media


Not every couple likes sharing their personal moments online. But if you’re a couple who does post and of late your partner isn’t doing it anymore. That could be a sign of something wrong.

If your partner is posting pictures leaving you behind, then this signals out that your partner wants to be seen as single on social media. In such situations, ask your partner why aren’t any couple pictures going up. If your partner has a legit answer then all is okay. If your partner struggles to justify, well, then, all is not well.

You don’t have to go on a vigilant mode to look for the above-mentioned signs of change. But it’s always a good idea to follow up whenever you feel something isn’t normal anymore. Try and get to the bottom of this change and mend it if possible. Being in love takes some work after all. If it’s too much for you to handle, then just move on.

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