Start Your Day With A Banana And A Cup Of Warm Water – This Is Why!

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Plenty of people around the globe are going bananas over the Banana Diet – to such an extent that there are reports of there being a banana shortage in Japan!

But what makes it so – a-peeling – and how does it work?

Yes, we are talking about the fantastic breakfast option known as “Morning Banana” and its incredible benefits. There is nothing that can give competition to the morning banana diet in keeping those mid-morning cravings at bay. The yellow fruit– especially when it still has a touch of green – is one of the best sources of starch and healthy carbohydrates. It keeps you full for a longer period.

The morning banana diet is based on the premise that having a banana for breakfast, followed by a cup of warm water, helps you in your weight loss program – regardless of what you eat during the day time.

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Why This Works

Several theories explain the effectiveness of the morning banana diet. The reason this diet is so effective lies in the fact that bananas boost metabolism and promote digestion. Secondly, the fruit is rich in a type of starch that has a low glycemic index. It has fiber that passes through your system into your colon without being digested. Bananas give you a feeling of satiety and help to burn body fat. In addition, bananas also block the absorption of carbohydrates (though partially).

Consuming warm water with bananas aids digestion. Warm water is a natural energizer. It oxygenates and hydrates the body, leaving you refreshed and revitalized for quite some time.

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History Behind The Morning Banana Diet

The banana diet was developed in Japan by a well-known pharmacist, Sumiko Watanabe, along with her husband, Hitoshi. Hitoshi wanted to lose weight and Sumiko, who was already trained in herbal medicine and alternative health practices, suggested that he should have a banana in the morning along with a cup of warm water, and dine before 8 pm. This experiment worked really well for him.

Soon after, this diet was refined to some degree through social networking sites and today, it is considered as the healthiest breakfast, especially for those who are keen to lose weight.

Foundation Of This Diet

Every diet has its rules. And if a diet is working for you, then half the credit goes to the rules that you followed. So, what are the rules for the morning banana diet? Here’s a synopsis collected from various reputed sources:

  1. It is suggested that if you are on a morning banana diet, eat as many bananas as you want, but try not to overstuff yourself! Follow it up by drinking warm water.
  1. Have only raw and unfrozen bananas.
  1. For lunch and dinner, you can eat anything you like, but eat until you’re satisfied, and not uncomfortably full.

There is a proverb in Japanese, “Hara hachibu ni ishra irazu” that means a stomach that is eight-tenth portion full needs no doctor. So don’t overeat!

  1. Coming to beverages, warm water is the primary beverage that is allowed when you are on the banana diet. Apart from water, you can have some non-caloric beverages such as diet soda, coffee, and tea, although it’s better to avoid them to get results earlier.
  1. Mid-afternoon snacks such as cookies or chocolates are acceptable, but avoid desserts like ice creams or pastries. Try to have healthy options like a rice ball or a seaweed snack. The most important thing is to eat dinner four hours before your bedtime.
  1. The diet strictly prohibits alcohol, but according to modified versions of the banana diet, wine and beer can occasionally be consumed.

Now that you know the benefits of starting your day with bananas and some warm water, go ahead and include bananas in your weight loss diet!

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