8 Steps To Get The Perfect Eyebrows With An Eyebrow Razor

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Anyone who has spent hours in a salon with their hairdresser plucking at their eyebrows knows the importance of having flawless eyebrows. It doesn’t really take an hour, but the pain and redness will surely accompany you all day. Not everyone is blessed with elegant eyebrows that frame their eyes perfectly. If you are not a fan of painted eyebrows, the only option left is to trim that brow to suit your face. Here is a step-by-step guide to trimming your eyebrows on your own with the help of an eyebrow razor! No more rushing to the salon for your eyebrows!

1. Prep Up

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To start with, you will need a bath or tub with lukewarm water. This will loosen the hair follicles and widen the pores. They will also relax your muscles and make hair removal easier.

2. Moisturize Your Skin

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Moisturizing your brows and skin is crucial before you shape them. It helps to make the process absolutely painless and safe from bruises and cuts.

3. Use A Stencil

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No matter how confident you feel about trimming them without the aid of a stencil, don’t! Only professionals with months of training can achieve that level of perfection. First, take a toothbrush and comb the brow hair out naturally. You can use a brow pencil to outline the shape you want to go for. You need to be precise, a beginner, and even go one hair at a time.

4. Get Rid Of Excess Hair

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Now that you have already done an outline, it will be simpler to remove the excess hair outside the line. Do not make the eyebrows thin at once. The idea is to shape it before getting to the width of it.

5. Work On The Details

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Get a firm grip on the razor and use the vertical comb attachment to trim the hair between your brows. The trick is to use smaller strokes opposite to the direction of your normal hair growth.

6. Get Rid Of The Outgrown Hair

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Not everyone has outgrown hair over the eyebrows, but if you do, you can shave it off in the same direction of the growth.

7. Balance It Out

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This might be tricky, but with patience and steady hands, you can make this work too. Start from the hair beneath the brows and drag it carefully to remove the hair below. This has to be done carefully as the skin contains numerous eye nerves, and you don’t want to get a cut at any cost. The trick is to move along lower sections with tighter strokes. Keep looking at the mirror to know that you are going right.

8. Wash Off

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Use a soft towel to cleanse the excess hair that you shaved off. If your skin is sensitive, there is a good chance there might be redness for some time. Apply aloe vera gel to reduce the inflammation and irritation of the area.

Now that you know how to shape your eyebrows like a pro at home, here are some expert tips to help your eyebrows look perfect.

  •  Invest In Good Tools
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No matter how lazy you feel while changing the blades or getting yourself a new razor, it’s worth the effort. Even if you like going for other hair removal methods like threading and plucking, make sure you use tools that are made for the same.

  •  Don’t Make Them Too Thin
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Eyebrow trends are an ever-changing subject, and even if you want to make them thin, don’t aim for it right away. Start from the sides and check how it suits you before running the blades.

  •  Brush Your Eyebrows
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We often miss out on the brushing part and expect our eyebrows to be perfect the way they are. After all, they are strands of hair too! Make sure you keep a toothbrush or makeup brush handy and brush them in the direction of growth.

  •  Fill Them Up
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Not everyone is blessed with thick eyebrows that are fit to be trimmed. Some need to be filled in with an eyebrow pencil of the color of your brow. Using the right pencil will help your eyebrows look natural and enhanced.

  •  Use A Highlighter
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With the help of a highlighter, arch your eyes and accentuate your brows. This will make you look way younger and add the perfect frame for your eye makeup.

  •  The Spacing Of Your Brows Matter
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If your eyes are close placed, draw your brows till the end. There should be a covering over the whole upper eye socket.

Eyebrows have a lot to contribute to how amazing your eye makeup looks. Eyebrow fashion has undergone drastic changes through the centuries, and from the bushiest of brows to no brow, we have seen it all! It’s essential to care for the eyebrows and nourish them with oil. Do you have any expert tips for maintaining healthy eyebrows? Let us know in the comments below!

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