You Go To Bed With Wet Hair? Here Is Why You Need To Stop Doing That!

Written by Ravi Teja Tadimalla, Professional Certificate In Food, Nutrition & Health  • 

If you ask me what my ideal sleeping environment would be like, this is what I would say – a soft mattress covered with an immaculately white bed sheet, which is bordered by fluffy, white pillows. And yes – a window beside with cool breeze blowing in, and the moon’s radiant luminescence falling into the room, emanating a heavenly feel.

Ahem, was that a bit too much?


I would even be okay sleeping in the middle of a lake with famished crocs moving around.

But I would dare not sleep with my hair wet!

Before you start thinking that I have escaped from a mental asylum, do read this post and check out for yourself why you ideally shouldn’t be sleeping with wet hair

1. Headache

Unless you want to wake up with a feeling of someone hammering your head (which I guess you don’t), don’t go to bed with your hair wet.

Here’s the science behind it – in the REM (rapid eye movement) stage, our body temperature rises. Going to bed with wet hair, with your head wrapped in a towel, leads to an increase in the temperature of your head.

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And the result – an increase in humidity and headache.

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2. You Are Inviting Bacteria

If you are so interested in making your head a heavenly abode for all the harmful bacteria, please go ahead and sleep with your hair wet.


Let me come straight to the point. Again, here’s the science behind it – your pillow absorbs sweat, the oil from your body, and even the dead skin cells. Your wet hair wets the towel (obviously), which then transfers the moisture to the pillow.

And la! Your pillow is now a beautiful nest for all the bacteria!

3. You Are Damaging Your Hair

Yes! You read that right. And understand when I am saying it – sleeping with wet hair can give you undesirable results. This is because wet hair is susceptible to damage; it is more elastic and has more chances of breaking.

Now despite my telling you, I know some of you might still go ahead and try sleeping with wet hair (such daredevils!). And that might happen for different reasons – maybe you were out and returned home too late, or maybe you were just plain lazy (like me) to blow-dry your hair.

Whatever the case may be, there are a few tricks you can try in order to ensure sleeping with wet hair won’t make you hate your life (and you don’t look like a scarecrow).

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1. Psstt..Pillow Covers!

Now it’s humanly impossible to sleep on hair that is totally wet. But then, if you just happen to go to bed with damp hair and are more interested in blow-drying it in the morning, you probably can do this – get a satin pillowcase. It allows your hair to move around and also prevents creases in the hair.

2. Scrunchies Please!

Using a scrunchie is the next best option if you are to sleep with wet hair. It doesn’t pull or dent your hair, thereby reducing the chances of kinks or damage. If you don’t have a scrunchie (oh yeah, this is not the ‘80s anymore!), simply cut the top of a sock and use it as a makeshift hair tie.

3. The Bun

This is the simplest way to ensure your damp hair won’t haunt you the next day. Just tie your wet hair in a low and loose bun. This will also create waves in the morning that can be brushed out.

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All said and done, I would still suggest you not to sleep with wet hair. But if you, nevertheless, choose to continue, then …

… God. Bless. You.

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