7 Must-Read Stories For People Who Don’t Believe In Love

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It hurts a lot when you get hurt in love. A broken relationship leaves a void in your heart and your life, which is very difficult to fill. No amount of shopping, binge eating or a new makeover can compensate for the loss. This experience makes people afraid of love and sometimes cynical. But we often forget that love itself is pure and not complicated. And the people in the relationship make it so. Sometimes, the right kind of person reinstates the lost trust, while at other times, real stories do the trick!

Here are 7 such real-life stories that will reestablish your faith in love. Some of these stories will make you emotional and mushy, while some will make you think deep. Even if we don’t know these people, not even their names, their stories will certainly inspire us.

1. Until Death Do Us Apart

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There’s nothing better than seeing one’s parents’ true love for each other. One such lucky person narrates a story that will melt your heart! The mother, when young, was supposed to go to another city for her studies. While packing, the already emotional father started following his wife wherever she went. The mother asked him if he was already in such a state, how would he would live after her death? To this, he replied that he won’t as he would be lying beside her.

2. Love Heals Permanent Damages

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This story is about a woman who broke up with her boyfriend as their parents did not approve of the relationship. Heartbroken, she tattooed her ring finger to symbolize that she would never get married. As luck would have it, she got a job in the same company where he was a manager. Both pretended they didn’t care for each other. One day he called her in his office saying that tattoos were prohibited in his department and she would have to cover it. He further said that the best thing to cover it would be an engagement ring!

3. The Warmth Of True Love

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A girl, who lives in a dorm, found out that the heater in her room had broken. It was in the middle of winter and the cold was menacing. She wrapped herself up with blankets and called her boyfriend to inform him of what had happened. An hour or so later, she got a call from him saying he had got her a heater. That gesture of his made her realize that love was way beyond calling each other affectionate names. Love is not letting your loved one freeze.

4. The Wife, The Husband, And The Salami

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We all have that old female relative whose fridge is always stuffed with food or a particular kind of food. This person tells us that his grandma always kept salami. When she and her husband celebrated their 40th anniversary, she said that she despised salami. She kept it only because her husband liked it. To everyone’s surprise, he confessed that he never liked salami; in fact, he hated it. He ate it only because he was afraid that she might get offended.

5. Love Is Bigger Than Any Heirloom

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This story is about a couple who were going through a bad phase of life as both lost their jobs. Adding to their woes, the wife’s only pair of shoes got damaged beyond repair. This made her very sad and she cried as she had no choice but to continue wearing the broken shoes. The next day her husband got her brand new leather shoes. Later she realized that he had to sell his watch, which was passed on to him from his father.

Now the couple is doing well financially and the wife has a surprise gift for the husband’s birthday – the same watch that she managed to get through a special website.

6. You Are The Muse

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This man recalls an incident when he was travelling by a train. An elderly couple was sitting next to him. The old man was busy drawing his lady’s portrait. After some time, he saw that the woman was embarrassed as people were looking at them. But the husband told her that there was no reason to be shy as everyone was appreciating her beauty; just like he had been doing for the past 40 years.

7. Love Is Worth The Chase

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A lady narrates that one day she went for her morning run, like any other day, only to be stared at by other people. She still continued with her run, listening to the loud music on her headphone. When she stopped, a young man almost fell to her feet. He looked exhausted and was very sweaty. He had been running behind her just to talk to her. They exchanged numbers and he went away to work. Although he was very late, his boss excused him after listening to his story about chasing her. It is now 7 years that they’re both married and this incident is a story that he loves to tell everyone.

Love is in all these little, simple, everyday things. We are sure that these stories moved you and have reserved a spot in your heart for this wonderful thing – love.

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