11 Strategies To Improve Your Posture Problem

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Whenever we see members of Royal families or soldiers walk, we can readily observe their super straight posture when they walk. There is much importance behind maintaining this simple yet impactful posture. Having good posture is something that immediately makes you look attractive. Seeing a person sit and walk straight gives out an aura of dignity and perfection. Now if you look at how most of us slouch like a banana, good posture is something we seldom remember to maintain.

From brushing your teeth to working out, keeping your backbone straight is essential for living a healthier, happy life. If you have been looking for ways to improve your posture, you are at the right place. We at Stylecraze made a list of foolproof ways that are bound to keep your back and head straight with these easy hacks. Not only will it make you look elegant, but it will also save you from the old backache.

1. Make It A Daily Habit

Make It A Daily Habit
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Being conscious of your posture can help you be more aware of how you appear and feel. We are often enthralled by the latest, quick-fix wearable posture devices, but truth be said, they don’t really work! If you want better posture, you need to work for it. Whenever you are caught up in some work or deep in thought, many of us tend to slouch forward unconsciously. That’s when you involve others to keep you in check. Making a posture-correction routine can be more rewarding than you think. Have your friends and colleagues encourage you to sit straight every time you slump. Once it gets in your brain to sit straight, there is no going back to slouching!

2. Do Active Sitting Exercises

Do Active Sitting Exercises
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If your job requires you to sit on a chair for hours, you can make use of that time with some easy posture exercises. Every 30-minutes, turn your head to the left all the way and then to the right. Fix your gaze at something far away and relax your eyes. Repeat it at least five times and then continue doing work. You can also stretch yourself a bit to ease your muscles. That way, you won’t feel stiff if you try to sit straight properly.

3. Join A Dance Class

Join A Dance Class
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You probably won’t believe this, but signing up for ballroom classes will correct your posture like no other. It will alert you of your posture, and once you learn to move around while maintaining your posture, you will not want to get out of the pose. An hour two days a week to enough to brace yourself up for the weekdays.

4. Drink Lots Of Water

Drink Lots Of Water
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As you know, drinking enough water is essential to keep you healthy in every way. Maintaining good posture is exerting more pressure on your muscles and tissues to hold your body together. Drinking water repairs the tissues and helps you sit straight for longer.

5. Avoid Sitting For A Long Time

Avoid Sitting For A Long Time
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Sitting in the same position for a long time is quite unhealthy for your body. Even if you have a desk job, make sure you get up every 60 minutes, take a water break, walk around and then resume work. If you do that, it will give scope for spondylitis to kick in. Having neck and back issues are the most painful position to be in, especially when you are working from home.

6. Do Not Lean Into The Computer Screen

Do Not Lean Into The Computer Screen
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Leaning towards the computer screen can damage your posture further. If you feel you can’t see well, you can always increase the font size and get anti-glare glasses. Make sure your head does not come forward to perch at the screen.

7. Do Not Jump Out Of Your Bed

Do Not Jump Out Of Your Bed
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When you wake up, the discs in the spinal column require time to adjust to weight-bearing. Jumping out of bed puts a sudden pressure on them. Place your body on your back, and then push yourself into a sitting position. Take a break for 60 seconds on the edge of the bed and then stand up, placing your weight evenly on the top of both feet. A simple routine for your morning routine will help prevent disc injuries.

8. Beware Of Looking Down At Your Phone

Beware Of Looking Down At Your Phone
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Cell phones, as handy as they are, have emerged as a major bane for your posture. We often look down at the screen while walking instead of walking straight. This can cause back, neck, and shoulder tension which will make you slouch more frequently.

9. Develop Your Self-Confidence

Develop Your Self-Confidence
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Low self-esteem and fear of being judged are often associated with childhood shyness. If you’re feeling uneasy in yourself, you might be subconsciously slouching and gaining weight. This is often the case when you’re trying to cover yourself or avoid engaging in conversations with other people. Don’t attempt to hide, be proud of yourself, stand up for yourself, and be proud of what you’re made of.

10. Keep Your Body Moving

Keep Your Body Moving
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Most people who struggle with posture problems are the people who lack exercise in their life. Moving around in a slouching posture is difficult; hence you are bound to walk and sit straight. Also, your muscles should be strong enough to support your back rather than depending on back support.

11. Find the Root Cause of Your Poor Posture

Find the Root Cause of Your Poor Posture
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If you have tried out all the hacks and still feel it’s a struggle maintaining a straight back, it could have a more severe cause. Make sure you get checked for scoliosis or any kind of spine injury that you are unaware of. Getting an x-ray done and visiting a chiropractor can give you excellent results.

So now that you know what the secret to having a flawless back is, are you ready to try them? It won’t be easy for beginners, so you can break it down to shorter durations where you consciously maintain your posture. It might not seem like a big issue, but it will affect you overtime. It will hit you suddenly when you are least expecting it. So, better to be safe than sorry. Do you have any secrets for keeping your back straight? Let us know in the comments below!

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