13 Simple Ways To Relieve Stress At Home

Written by Bency Sebastian

With the outbreak of the coronavirus, the stress levels of humans everywhere are high. As much as we’d like to deny it, we are social beings who need regular human interaction to maintain good mental health (Yes, I’m talking to the introverts too). On a regular weekend, we would all step out of our homes, socialize and blow off steam after a long and busy week. But with this 21-day government-imposed lockdown, what do we do to relax our minds? Well, you’ve stumbled upon the right page. Here are 13 simple activities that can relax and rejuvenate you. You don’t even need to step out of your house for it!

  • Exercise


For those of you who are already frowning, it has been proved that exercise produces endorphins which induce a sense of euphoria and relaxation in the brain. It boosts general well-being and health, both mentally and physically. There are tons of exercises that you can do at home to maintain a stress-free state of mind.

  • Meditate


An age-old practice that has proved to be super effective, meditation stimulates the mind and body to improve awareness, calmness, and stability. Several studies have shown that meditation trains your mind to listen to you and reduces stress, anxiety, depression, and even insomnia (1).

  • Mindfulness


How many times have you been lost in thought while doing something? Especially during everyday activities, it is quite common to drift into a train of thoughts about the past or the future. Mindfulness teaches us to be present and consciously conduct ourselves. Being completely aware of yourself and your surroundings in every moment connects our mind and body to the present.

  • Journal


Yes, we mean a personal diary. Studies have shown that penning down your thoughts, feelings, and life events aids in stress reduction. Writing about a stressful day ironically reduces your stress as it gives you clarity (2). This is also because it is a practice that requires you to be mindful. Are you mindblown to see that everything connects?

  • Cook


Are you someone who blamed your busy schedule and lack of time thereof for your inability to cook? Well, with the lockdown situation, we all have a lot of time on our hands and cooking is a great way to make use of those extra hours. What’s great about this activity is that there is an instant reward— food!

  • Music


If you are a music lover, this one is a no brainer. For those of you who do not love music, well you’ve been missing out on a lot in life. The most simple and effective way to reduce stress is to delve into music that calms you. Just close your eyes and lose yourself in soothing music. Trust me, you’ll feel refreshed and energized when you wake up from your trance.

  • Candlelight


Whoever said candle lights are only for romantic nights did not try this! Light up a few candles and create an atmosphere of relaxation around you. Not only will you feel the stress leaving your body but you’ll also get a boost of energy.

  • Clean


Studies have shown that messy surroundings add to stress levels and anxiety (3). When the environment around you is unorganized and filled with mess, there is a tendency to feel like your whole life is a mess. I might have stretched that too far but there is some truth to it. Keeping your stress levels low might just be as easy as cleaning up that mess in your room.

  • Gardening


For those of you who don’t know, gardening is a therapeutic experience. There is just something so rewarding about watching plants grow. Create a little garden in your home and take care of those plants like you would take care of a baby and you’ll love it!

  • Declutter


Do you know that drawer that you’ve been wanting to clear out? Do it already! You might be a hoarder but you must declutter those storage drawers. The rule is, if you have not used it in the last six months, throw it out because you will not use it in the future.

  • Friends and Family
Friends and Family


The perfect way to spend this quarantine time is quality time with your friends and family. Talk to them more, bond more and keep yourself connected. We are lucky to have technology that connects us with just the press of a button.

  • Draw/Paint


You might be a great artist or a crappy doodler. Either way, spend some time drawing, sketching, or painting and watch your stress levels drop. The time to channel that inner artist in you and go crazy with your creativity is now.

  • Cuddle


The best de-stressor— cuddles! Science says that your body releases oxytocin a.k.a the love hormone when you cuddle with your loved ones. It also reduces levels of cortisol and blood pressure (4). Now hurry! Go hug your mom, dad, sibling, friend or your furry baby!

We hope this list gave you a few tips and tricks to combat stress while being locked in your home. Let’s stay indoors, stay safe and fight COVID-19 together. Which activity are you stoked to try out? Comment below and let us know.

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