9 Stunning Hairstyles For South Indian Brides

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Name three traits that you would connect with a South Indian bride. First is the gorgeous kanjeevaram saree, then comes the traditional golden temple jewelry, and finally, our favorite- a beautiful hairstyle adorned in flowers and gems. Traditionally South Indian brides flaunted long braids with jewelry embellished in the hair grooves, but now there are numerous other ways to style your hair for the big day. So are the wedding bells ringing because we have the perfect list of hairstyles that will make you look like a goddess at your wedding!

1. The Traditional Bun

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The first hairstyle that comes to your mind as an Indian Bride is a bun (super convenient and cute). If you are worried about the length of your hair, a bun will do the trick of hiding it all in. Doughnut buns are readily available in stores, and decorating them with flowers gives you the authentic bridal look that you ransacked magazines for! Other than being absolutely elegant, it also airs your neck and you can flaunt your back in the saree!

2. Let Them Loose

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If you have gorgeous hair to flaunt, let it flow! Why tie your hair up when you can style them in swift curls. If you want it unique, you can try keeping it on one side and letting a bunch of flowers hang on the other side of your shoulder.

Pro Tip: One setback of relaxed hair is, it will make you sweat a lot. Make sure your wedding venue is air-conditioned, and you wear sweat-proof makeup!

3. Messy Braid

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If you are worried about the density of your hair, a messy braid is what you need. The loose strands of the braid makes your hair look fuller, and you can easily fill the knot gaps with flowers. It is simple, easy to carry, and gives you the traditional look.

Pro Tip: Once you are done tying the braid and making it loose, Put hairspray on it to ensure it doesn’t open up on its own.

4. Cascading Hairstyle

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Sometimes going traditional is the way to make the day memorable. Cascading your hair makes you look like a complete goddess. You can choose unique pieces of jewelry or hair clips that you want to be placed in each of your braid knots.

5. Floral Jada

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Only a South Indian bride can pull off the flower look like a boss! Wearing strands of jasmine and mogra on your hair can never go wrong. You can either pin it to your braid or have it cover your bun completely. It makes your hair look fuller and smells fantastic.

6. Bubble Braid

Bubble Braid
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You can go for a bubble braid if you have naturally thick hair and don’t want to overdo the flowers. It pulls your braid to make it look roundish and fuller on the edges.

Instead of putting flowers, you can add dainty stones in the grooves. This hairstyle also goes perfectly if you have highlighted hair. It brings out the color variations beautifully.

Pro Tip: You can experiment with a combination of flowers and hair accessories in alternate braids to make your hairstyle unique.

7. Flower Buns

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The bun is traditional, but flowers can make any hairstyle look divine. You must be thinking, what is new in this? So the wow factor is, don’t go for the traditional flowers. The secret is to keep the color of the flowers white, so it plays contrast with your hair color. Use wide petal flowers so that even putting a couple of them brightens your hairstyle.

Pro Tip: Use a flower that has a sweet smell. It will not only make you look amazing, but it will also make you feel fresh throughout the ceremonies.

8. Sleek Braid

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You must have seen this coming! An article on the South Indian bride hairstyle is incomplete without mentioning the signature braid. We like it because only a bride can carry the glamor of flowers and jewelry embedded in her waist-length hair. If you feel flowers will add too much weight to your head, you can skip the real ones and replace them with artificial flowers. They are much easier to carry and won’t wilt with time.

Pro Tip: If you feel your hair is too thin to carry off the braided look, you can add extensions and cover them up with jewelry.

9. Jada With Zari Work

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If you want an elaborate hairstyle on your big day, Jada on the top of a braid is the way to go about it. It looks fantastic if you have a bulky outfit and want your style to match the extravaganza. You can either go for traditional flowers or cover your plates with hair accessories that match your saree.

A wedding is a special day for every bride, and we know you have had it planned since you were 5! To make sure you have a dream wedding, we suggest you experiment with as many hairstyles as you like much before your wedding. So, which is your favorite wedding look? Let us know in the comments section below.

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